How do you trust God during devastating losses and seasons of challenge and uncertainty? And how do you uncover and begin using the experiences and gifts God has given you?

Learning to Trust and Finding Your Gifts in Different Seasons of Leadership with Misty Phillip

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Almost no one’s leadership journey is a straight and easy path, and Misty Phillip’s experience is no exception. In this episode, Misty shares some of the challenges she faced when trusting God to transition from working a comfortable corporate job to staying home to homeschool her children. In addition, she tells us how God led her into speaking and podcasting and eventually founding the first Christian podcast conference. If you’ve ever had a dream or idea to potentially speak or start a podcast, you’re sure to find encouragement in this episode.

Through our conversation, you’ll hear how Misty had to trust God through these different seasons of leadership. And you’ll learn how she started to uncover and use the gifts God had placed in her. Misty shares insights on why we need to surround ourselves with people we admire and how to find others you can trust.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Misty’s life and leadership journey [3:36]
  • Challenges Misty has faced [6:50]
  • How Misty transitioned into a new phase of leadership [9:00]
  • Leadership lessons [12:30]
  • Misty’s podcasting journey [14:13]
  • The journey of starting the Spark Christian Podcast Conference [20:30]
  • Misty’s business experience [27:00]
  • Advice for potential or new podcasters [32:10]
  • How Misty has learned to understand her gifts [35:00]
  • Encouragement for a new leader [39:40]
  • Leaders are learners [41:29]
  • How to find your safe people [45:00]


“When God calls you to something, He equips you for it.”

“God took me from a place of status and position… to a place of service.”

“With every step of obedience, God gives us enough light to take the next step.”

“As a leader, you can’t just tell people what to do.”

“I can sit here in my home, and I can spread the Gospel all around the world.”

“There are writers who speak and speakers who write.”

“Where does my gifting and calling line up for this season?”

“It’s in our weaknesses that He is strong, and then we know it’s not about us.”

“It’s okay to make money, because if we make money, then we can have further impact in the kingdom.”

“Know who you are serving; have a heart for the people you serve–that’s what’s going to keep you going.”


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Misty Phillip is a podcaster, speaker, author, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping you spark your soul message.

Founder of the Spark Christian Podcast Conference, Founder of The Rocket Podcast Community and host of the By His Grace podcast show. Misty inspires through her leadership, speaking, and mastermind groups. She currently serves as the Houston Connect Leader for Christian Women In Media. Misty is the author of The Struggle is Real: But So is God Bible Study and Spark Podcast Planner 2020.


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Learning to Trust and Finding Your Gifts in Different Seasons of Leadership with Misty Phillip