Have you ever found yourself trapped in an unhealthy pattern or addiction, but you’re not sure how to break free? The answer often involves breaking free from lies and replacing those lies with the truth of God.

In this episode, Holly and I speak with our guest Britney Thompson who vulnerably shares her story of breaking free from an eating disorder. We dive into her leadership journey, the steps she took to get free, and practical ways we can get rid of the lies that may be holding us back. You’ll hear why we need to bring our struggles into the light and one of the most important things Britney believes we need to do in our healing. 

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Britney’s life and leadership [3:30]
  • How Britney found freedom from an eating disorder [6:40]
  • How this journey has transformed her leadership [14:00]
  • The lies that kept Britney stuck [16:40]
  • 4 step process to discern truth from lies [20:00]
    • See your thoughts
    • Say your thoughts
    • Speak truth
    • Set your mind
  • Less obvious comforts or addictions we struggle with [27:00]
  • Dealing with perfectionism [30:23]
  • Why we need vulnerability and safe people [35:22]
  • Creating a culture of healthy confession [39:45]
  • Leaders are learners [47:57]



  • “My leadership needed to be from a place of total honesty.” 
  • “I’m a better leader because of my willingness to share my brokenness and my hurts.”
  • “One of the biggest lies is the lie of success.”
  • “Choose to believe what God’s truth is over what you believe your truth is.”
  • “As long as we stay hidden, it’s never going to get fixed.”

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Britney Renae Thompson is a dynamic speaker, author and Christian life-coach who shares lessons learned while overcoming her 15-year eating disorder. She helps Christian women move past every type of fear, doubt, and insecurity to live out God’s freedom and purpose for their lives.


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