How do you trust God when your entire world is turned upside down? And how do you cling to truth when you’re the target of criticism and doubt?

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Amanda Florczykowksi joins me for this episode to share her story of a first-hand encounter with a sex trafficking attempt, her decision to go public with the experience, and the resistance she ran into as a result. Take a listen to hear how Amanda learned to trust God in the midst of each step of her journey, as well as how she was able to choose truth in the midst of doubts.


Key Points:

  • Amanda’s life & leadership [4:27]
  • What led Amanda to write her book “Unraveled” [9:34]
  • Going public with her story [17:30]
  • Processing criticism and rejection [24:05]
  • How rejection changed her view of persecution [28:12]
  • How to respond to criticism as a leader [33:01]
    • Importance of having a mission and vision
    • Know when it’s time to lead and when it’s time to leave
    • Never give up
  • Dealing with doubt from those who are closest to you [38:57]
  • Leadership lessons from the publishing process [50:31]
  • Leaders are Learners [54:40]

Key Quotes:

  • “I never questioned God, but I started to question my perception of him.”
  • “Every good leader at some point has had to wrestle in pain and the ones that emerge the best leaders are the ones that have encountered it and been able to walk through it with the Lord.”
  • “You have so much for grace for people when you recognize it is a spiritual battle.”
  • “When you understand in leadership that you will be misunderstood–I didn’t say judged, but misunderstood–it gives you room to love and the grace to recover.”
  • “When the voice we trust on earth the most makes us feel like God can’t be trusted we must choose truth. You have to choose truth.”
  • “Wise counsel should never trump God’s word or what He has spoken to us.”
  • “Know how to study your bible, then study it.”
  • “Christian leaders are so needed, but you have to start with God’s word to be impactful.”

wise counsel should never trump God's word

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Connect with Amanda:


Amanda Florczykowski is an intrinsic lover of risk, progress, and people. Her ability to merge all three embodies her personal mission. Her love for women, her desire to see families strengthened, and her unabashed faith in Christ Jesus have led her to found a MOPS International© ministry group and a University-Model® School. As a degreed communicator, Amanda’s professional career, pre-kiddos, included awards and high heels as both an educator and top marketing professional for an industry leader. 


When not involved in family life, reading, or writing, Amanda uses her pioneering ambition and experience to partner with business CEO and Development Pastor husband to consult with organizations who desire to prosper. Lastly, she is a magnetic motivator speaking on the topics of motherhood, leadership, and faith (see ‘Speaking’ tab above). 


Amanda’s family of six, along with their German Shepherd, Radd, live in the Texas Hill Country outside Austin. And while accomplishments are part of a bio, Amanda wants you to know they don’t rival her joys; a nightly sunset, “I love you” from her child’s mouth, answered prayers, a good night’s rest, a big, Saturday breakfast, a clean kitchen, a hot bath, board games, finding $10 in her pocket, a good movie, date night, and welcoming friends into her home to eat and laugh.


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