Do you ever struggle to identify, embrace, or use your gifts with confidence? You’re not alone, and this episode will help you reframe your thoughts about embracing your gifts.

Embracing Your Gifts

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As Christian women leaders, it’s important for us to embrace our gifts–but how exactly do we do this? In the first of our Summer Throwback Series episodes, we’re sharing clips from several of our past guests around the topic of embracing your gifts. 

You’ll hear encouraging and challenging words to help you remember some powerful truths about acknowledging, understanding, and using your gifts with confidence. After you listen, make sure to head back and listen to the full episodes with these guests, as these clips are just a small glimpse into the incredible conversations.

Featured Guests on this episode:


Key Quotes from this throwback episode:

  • “Whenever I say, ‘Oh I’m not a leader, oh I’m not good enough to do that’, then I’m basically calling God a liar.” – Abby Rike Rockenbaugh
  • “If God has called you to this, and you know this is what you can do–this is how God has blessed you in order to serve other women–there are women who need it.” – Breshana Miller
  • “When you’re trying to build a business off of your skills, and you’re trying to walk in what God has for you, it’s something you don’t really notice, cause it’s super easy for you, and it doesn’t feel like work.” – Lilah Higgins
  • “Even as I was building confidence, there was still that seed of doubt that tried to come in.” – Patrice Washington
  • “The more time I hang out with God… I don’t have the words to express how He shifts something in my heart.” – Rachael Gilbert
  • “When we confuse confidence and competence with pride, that’s a problem. Because God has gifted you with competence, and He’s gifted you with gifts to use and acknowledge. And you don’t do the world any favors when you deny your gifting for the sake of not wanting to be boastful.” – Jill E. McCormick

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