We are thrilled to be celebrating 100 episodes and even more excited to include several of our listeners in this episode!

Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

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In this conversation, Holly and I are taking a break from our Mental Health series this month to pause and celebrate. We can hardly believe we’re at episode 100, and we are so grateful to each of our listeners, our guests, and our team for helping us get here.

To celebrate, we are including clips from many of our listeners who sent in their thoughts about the show and how it’s impacted them.

Featured Listeners:


Our Reflections on Reaching 100 Episodes

After hearing from our listeners, Holly and I spend some time discussing the feedback and our intentions for the podcast. Our goal for this podcast has been from the start:

“We discuss issues related to leading as a Christian woman, and we also interview other women who share their leadership journeys. Through this podcast, we offer encouragement, tools, and resources to help you live out your unique calling as a leader and lead with confidence.”

We are grateful that we’ve been able to do this and that we’ve had the blessing of being the hosts of this podcast.

Holly & I reflect on some of the blessings of the podcast to ourselves, including the opportunity to talk with our guests, the different perspectives we bring, and our friendship. We also chat about how the podcast got started and some of the seeds that were planted many years ago that laid the groundwork for this show.

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Fun question of the Day

Holly and I answer the question: “What has been the most awkward part of the podcast for you?”


Key Quotes from the Episode:

  • “I was immediately hooked, like ‘fangirl’ hooked… I know when I listen to Esther & Holly, I am following a Biblical leading toward making real changes that will drive results.” – Kass
  • “Leadership can just naturally deplete us and so I started seeking solid, Biblical and practical insight that would refuel me, and I found it in CWLP.” – Amanda
  • “The CWLP is a blessing… I feel like I’m working in the field with a whole bunch of laborers who are equally full of integrity.” – Marion
  • “I love the CWLP… it fills a void and provides a voice to those of who are leading in the trenches as women.” – Gena
  • “I don’t listen to many podcasts, but the CWLP is on my must-listen to list.” – Cyndee
  • “I haven’t always considered myself a leader… your podcast has been so empowering to me… It’s been a practical help to go do what I’ve been designed to do with the abilities that God has given me.” – Janell
  • “Esther & Holly have created a platform that encourages women to embrace, be bold in, and grow in who God created them to be.” – Tabitha
  • “It is so impactful because Esther is not afraid to dig into the tough topics.” – Kim 
  • “Keep inspiring us because it’s sorely needed.” – Madge
  • “You are bringing really important conversations to the table, and I’m learning to think more deeply about them because of your work and guests.” – Kristen Joy 
  • “This podcast came along at just the right time for me… the biggest impact it’s had on me… is pointing me in the direction that the confidence doesn’t need to come from me… I can be confident in the role that God has placed me here for.” – Elizabeth
  • “The podcast has been used by God to really heal the bruised parts of me.” – Lisa
  • “There are so many things I appreciate about this podcast.” – Kari
  • “Every single episode I’ve left with something of value to use in my life and ministry.” – Laurie
  • “Sometimes your journey of leadership starts with saying ‘yes’ to something that 10 years later may look like no big deal. But at the moment that God is asking you to do it, it may feel like a really big scary thing.” – Esther
  • “Sometimes we just need someone to invite us in and say ‘I’m doing this, let’s do it together.’” – Holly


Other Episodes Mentioned:


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