Every leader has a message to share, but we’re not always sure the world wants to hear it. How can you move past the fear and start sharing your message through writing?

Owning Your Voice as a Leader and Sharing Your Message Through Writing

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In this special bonus episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with Wall Street Journal best selling author Emily P. Freeman. We’re diving into Emily’s leadership journey and how her view of herself as a leader has shifted in recent years. 

We also talk about writing as a form of leadership, and what to do if you’re not sure how to start. If you’ve ever felt the call to write but you feel like it might be selfish or you’re maybe even a little afraid of success, this is the episode for you.

About Hope*Writers

Emily and I also chat about her membership community for writers, Hope*Writers. This is a group that I joined about a year ago and have found it incredibly beneficial as I work towards my own writing goals. 

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Emily’s life & leadership now
  • Emily’s leadership journey
    • How her view of leadership has changed
    • How writing has a played a role in Emily’s faith and leadership journey
  • Writing as leadership
  • Emily’s mission statement
  • Emily’s advice for someone who wants to start writing 
  • Navigating success 
  • Writing when you feel like it might be selfish
  • Leadership lessons as a co-founder of Hope*Writers
    • It all comes back to you as the leader
    • People need you to be the leader
  • Leaders are Learners

Emily P. Freeman quote about writing

Key Quotes from the Episode:

  • “All writers are leaders. We all have that seed in us.”
  • “There is a path, and you’re already on it.”
  • “Every writer knows what she wants to say. What she doesn’t know is if people will want to read it.”
  • “You have a God who can handle it. He is perfectly capable… to nudge you in the right direction if you go off track.”
  • “Do not let the fear of ‘what ifs’ and fear of your own self get in your own way from getting the message into the hands of your reader.”
  • “Being overly clear is never the problem; it’s always the other way around.”


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Connect with Emily P. Freeman:

Emily P. Freeman is the Wall Street Journal best selling author of Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways. Her newest book, The Next Right Thing, offers a simple, soulful practice for making life decisions. Emily is also the host of The Next Right Thing Podcast. She also co-founded the membership site hope*writers, a community of working writers dedicated to learn to balance the art of writing with the business of publishing. 


She earned her MA in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership at Friends University. In her writing and speaking, Emily always seeks to create space for the soul to breathe, offering fresh perspective on the sacredness of our inner life with God. Emily and her husband live in North Carolina with their three children. 

All writers are leaders. Quote by Emily P. Freeman on the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast