What do you do when your business has grown and you are maxed out on time? How can you take the process and the transformation you offer as an individual consultant, service provider, or coach and serve more people? Listen in to this strategy session for some ideas you may not have considered.

Laura Howe

In this strategy session, you’ll hear from my friend Laura Howe. Laura is the founder of Hope Made Strong, and she has a consulting business working with churches. She came to me with an issue in her business, and we sat down to work it out together. We talk about what to do when you’ve gotten your business to the point where you’re getting clients, but you’re running out of time. Without more time, you can’t really serve more people, but maybe you, too, would like to potentially earn more, or at least free up some of your time. She and I hash out what the options are when you’re in this sort of situation, and some practical steps for moving forward with a solid game plan.

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Laura’s business and who she serves in her business
  • Laura shares her dilemma of how to have the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and have her own business, but yet still meet those financial goals she needs to bring in each month
  • The ideas Laura has contemplated that she would like to explore
  • Esther gives 3 options for how Laura might scale her business in order to grow
    • Increase her prices
    • Move from a 1:1 model to 1:many model
    • Move to an agency model, hiring more team members and training others to do some aspects of her job
  • How to transition to someone else providing training for church staff that Laura has traditionally done
  • Esther helps Laura break down the next steps to take in this huge process of transitioning to a different business model:
    • Step One: Talk to target clients to see what exactly they want out of your business
  • How to use and offer templates, tools, and resources in your business
  • Having a resource/template shop on Laura’s website as another mode of income
  • The freedom and power of raising prices within your business
  • The scariness of entering into an agency model for the first time
  • The process of hiring an assistant when you don’t have enough money in the bank to do it immediately
  • Laura’s testimonial of how upLIFT has encouraged, shaped, and transformed her mindset and business

If you enjoyed my conversation with Laura and want to know how you can join my upLIFT Mentormind that she mentioned was so helpful to her, head to https://upliftmentormind.com/ to check out your options for joining! I’d love to have you.

If you’re interested in a 1:1 strategy session like you heard with Laura, head here to check out your options. The space on these is incredibly limited because most of my time is spent serving my clients in upLIFT and other programs, but I encourage you to check out the link to see if this might be a good fit for you.

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“I’m shifting into a new season where I’m discovering as an entrepreneur, you want to shift trading your time for money.” – Laura Howe

“Your support through upLIFT and the coaching that I’ve received from you has been phenomenal.”- Laura Howe

“I need to shift again because I’m working at night, I’m working on weekends, I’m not able to go for lunch with girlfriends and these are all things that I want to do, and now I can’t do them. So I knew something needed to change.” – Laura Howe

“You have to be able to sustain the life that you want to live, and your clients can’t come before yourself.” – Esther Littlefield

“This shift that you helped me make in my business helped transform not just the processes and the strategy of the actual business, but it also helped reframe my role within it.” – Laura Howe

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