Do you struggle to bring in clients or customers consistently in your business? Maybe you know you have a really thoughtful and amazing product, but you’re not making a ton of sales on it. You know you want and need to bring in clients consistently, but how exactly do you do this?

Whether you’ve been in business for two weeks, or for five years, you need clients in order to keep the cash flow going. In this episode, I’m going to share 2 habits you might be overlooking in your business that will make it possible to bring clients in every single month.

Most goals are not accomplished with one or two action steps. Instead, they are the result of the many small changes over time. Often those changes come because of habits. So I’m going to help you deep dive into 2 habits that you should have if you want to have consistent clients and consistent income in your business.

Habit #1: Focus on Your Thoughts

You need to be consistently renewing your mind and changing your thought pattern. Focus on and pay attention to the thoughts that are coming into your mind and the words that you are saying about yourself and your business.

This is a Scriptural concept, as Scripture shows us the importance of our thoughts.

Often in the business world, we hear this referred to as mindset. Mindset is the way we think about things or the thought patterns that we have that lead us down certain roads concerning what we think about. This can sound like a ‘woo woo’ term, but here we are discussing our thoughts from a Biblical approach.

2 Corinthians 10:5 reminds us to “take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.”

Romans 12:2 tells us to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Philippians 4:8 says to “think on the things that are noble, that are right, that are pure, that are praiseworthy,” etc.

We see that it is a good thing to submit our thoughts to Christ. Being grateful and having a grateful mindset is also directly from Scripture.

But, how can this play out in your business?

Do you find yourself questioning yourself and your business, letting your thoughts run rampant on your business journey? Do you find yourself saying things like:

  1. No one wants to work with me. There must be something wrong with my prices or my services.
  2. I can’t figure out where my next client is going to come from. So I’ve got to do something to get more cash flow fast.
  3. Maybe I should just quit this business. There are other people doing what I’m doing, and they’re probably doing it better than me.

What if you could align those thoughts with Truth instead? What if you could have an attitude of gratefulness, and shift your focus to trusting God? What if you said things to yourself like:

  1. I’m ready to serve whoever needs what I have to offer.
  2. Lord, I’m trusting you to bring in my next client. I am looking for opportunities that You are providing for me.
  3. I know that I’m called and equipped to run this business, and I am excited to learn from others who have gone ahead of me.

The way that you think about yourself and your business and whether you’re operating out of an abundance or a scarcity mindset is going to impact your business. This is not to say you will never have seasons of lack, but I do believe that the way you think about your business, yourself, and God is going to influence your ability to bring in clients consistently.

Spend 5 minutes focusing on renewing your mind with an accurate thought that aligns with God’s Truth and that helps you to be grateful or helps you to focus on the things that are working in your business.

Habit #2: Focus on People

Focus on having actual conversations with people who are in your world and/or who are your ideal clients.

In our digital age, it can be so easy to communicate with people solely behind our computer screens. But something so special happens when you have actual conversations with people on the phone, on Zoom, or in person. You get to know people and build relationships with them and hear the actual words that people are using when they talk about the thing that you can help them with and the problems they have.

Sometimes these people that you talk to might end up becoming clients down the road, or sometimes they might be people that will refer others to you.

It can be hard if you’re an introvert to focus on this, but I want to charge you not to back away from building relationships. We aren’t talking about having sales conversations in this conversation. We’re talking about just getting to know people and developing relationships.

If you don’t ever have real conversations with other people, you might create offers that nobody wants. If you’re struggling to bring in consistent clients, then it might be time to get out of your comfort zone and talk to some real people.

I did this recently in my own business. I reached out to people and asked them to hop on Zoom calls with me so I could ask them some questions. Most of them said yes, and I was able to gain some good insight into my ideal clients’ brains and then craft my offers around that.

Spend 15 minutes connecting and building relationships. Look for opportunities to hop on calls with people, to help them to learn about what they’re struggling with, to find out what they’re needing, and look for opportunities that you have to solve their problems.

Next Steps:

These 2 habits alone are not going to automatically bring in clients tomorrow. This is a process and there are some other elements you need in order to have clients come into your world. There are ways to make talking to potential new clients a little easier. There are some things you can do, some words you can say, and some approaches you can take that will help you to do this naturally and organically and not feel awkward about it.

I am thrilled to share that I am offering my Consistent Clients Challenge again!

This is an opportunity for you to get some free training from me and to hear exactly some specific strategies that will help you to bring in clients consistently, along with how to build some of these relationships and get the opportunities to talk with other people.

Even if you’ve participated in one of these challenges before, I’m inviting you to join me again, or to join me for the very first time!

I would love for you to join me for 4 days of free training, plus a special bonus day where I am going to do audits of one of the most important parts of bringing in clients: your offer.

Head to to grab your free spot!

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Quotes to Note:

“Consistent clients equals consistent income.”

“Most goals are not accomplished with one or two action steps. Instead, they are the result of the many small changes over time.”

“Paying attention to our mindset, or paying attention to our thoughts as Christian business owners is not bad.”

“What you think about greatly impacts your ability to gain new customers and to bring in income.”

“The people that I work with who are positive and grateful and who are looking for opportunities, and putting their trust in God for their business, are often the ones seeing more growth.”

“I do believe that the way you think about your business, and about yourself, and about God is going to influence your ability to bring in clients consistently.”

“Here’s the hard truth: it’s going to be tough for you to bring in clients consistently if you don’t ever have real conversations with other people.”

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