Have you ever felt like you have to sell your soul to social media in order to grow your platform? Or dreamed of what it might be like to sustain your biz while kissing social media goodbye?

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with podcaster Stef Gass about what it takes to grow a business without social media. She shares vulnerably about her rise to network marketing success, her journey to hitting a rock bottom of sorts, and the way God used that challenging time to bring about a thriving business for Stef. She chats all about the ins and outs of creating a business by surrendering everything to God and shares the importance of trusting Him with all aspects of your business.

A major aspect that Stef trusted God within her business was removing social media from her business. While she still has a team member post weekly updates, she has completely removed herself from the process. Now Steff is passionate about exchanging the 1:1 platform usage of social media for a 1:many approach through podcasting. Throughout our conversation, she shares the depth and richness that podcasting can bring to a business and how it’s not only possible but is an essential way for businesses to grow and thrive.

Her knowledge, insight, and lessons learned have proven Stef as an expert in the podcasting arena, and I am thrilled to share her tips and stories with you! She’s certainly an inspiration for what your business could look like if you find yourself burnt out and tired of the social media hustle these days. Even if you’re not, you’re sure to find inspiration from her stories and ways of doing business!

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Stef and her business
  • How faith plays a role in Stef’s business
  • Stef’s rollercoaster business journey, going from the top 1% in her network marketing company, to hitting bottom, to finally owning her own thriving business
  • How Stef surrendered everything in her life and business to God, and how God carried her through challenging times both personally and in her business
  • How it IS possible to grow a business without social media
  • Stef’s journey with social media and how she came to the conclusion for herself and business that socials are not for her
  • The importance of taking breaks from social media and breaking up with your phone
  • What it looks like to have a healthy balance of social media use as a tool for your business
  • The necessity of listening to God’s leading as it relates to social media usage in our lives and business
  • The #1 way people can grow their business without social media
  • Why podcasting works so well for conversion
  • How podcasting can work for any business
  • Exchanging podcasting for social media in your business
  • Tips for converting people from podcast listeners to paying customers/client
  • How each of our unique personalities means there is space for each person in the podcasting space, even if there is a similar podcast already out
  • The beauty of enjoying the journey God has placed you on in your business

Quotes to Note:

“Whenever you try to do something the world’s way, you’re always going to be left shattered, broken, seeking and searching.” – Stef Gass

“It took brokenness for me to turn all the way to Him (God) and say, ‘My life is Yours because I’ve tried and it’s not working.’ So faith to me was in that surrender moment, and God was right there to pick up the broken pieces and He helped me rebuild ”- Stef Gass

“Obedience sometimes means stopping long enough to hear. And then surrender is doing the thing God tells you to do.” – Stef Gass

“I’m not my success. I’m not a money rank. I’m not this company that I’ve tied my identity to. I’m literally nothing without You (God).”- Stef Gass

“That’s the first step of a healthy relationship in the future. You’ve got to break the bonds of idolatry between you and social media, or you and your phone.”- Stef Gass

“Intimacy and that trust that you can build with your listeners [in podcasting] is pretty incredible. That doesn’t happen in a lot of other modes of communication.” – Esther Littlefield

“There’s infinite scalability with a podcast no matter what you do.” – Stef Gass

“It doesn’t have to feel slimy or sales-y when you talk about the offer that you have to put out there.”- Esther Littlefield

“The people you’re supposed to talk to on your pod are already hand chosen by God. You don’t have to have any pressure around that.” – Stef Gass

“Partner with God in the process, and bring your story and your vision to life, because you are created for impact and income so that you can glorify Him.” – Stef Gass

Growing an Online Business Without Selling Your Soul to Social Media “Everything you do is an extension of the gifts that God has given you and your responsibility is to show up, stand up and speak out about those things that He’s planted in your heart.” – Stef Gass

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