Have you been thinking about how you can elevate, scale, or pivot your business? Maybe you’ve heard some strategies on how to do so. But you’re wondering: what does this actually look like in real life?

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In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing with you examples of women who have taken steps to elevate, pivot, or scale their businesses, and you’ll hear directly from them how it has helped their businesses grow.

In episode 92 I gave you the signs that it might be time to elevate, pivot, or scale your business such as being maxed on time or feeling burnt out on what you are doing.

And in episode 93, we talked about some strategies on how you can actually step up and elevate your biz.

Today, I want to share with you some real-life examples of what it has looked like for my clients to pivot, elevate, or scale their businesses. You’ll hear directly from women who have been or are currently members of my upLIFT Mentormind.

If you’ve been thinking about upLIFT and you’ve attended my info session (or perhaps you’re planning to attend it), I hope this will give you a picture of what it’s like to work with me as you create your own version of your thriving business.

If you are curious about upLIFT, head over to upliftmentormind.com/info to jump into the session and learn more!


Holly Williams

Holly is a service provider. Specifically, she is a conversion copywriter specializing in email marketing.

What was important to Holly about joining a mentormind was having clear and real accountability.

She also wanted to make sure that the elements that she was learning from her mentormind would actually grow her business and provide the support system that she needed.

Some of the wins Holly has had in the past year or more that she’s been a part of upLIFT is that she has created the storyFLOW method. She also launched her first live class, grown her social media, and more!

Some of the benefits she’s loved from joining upLIFT are the ideas she gets from others across different industries, and the access to Esther’s brain and coaching via Voxer.

Holly’s Quotes:

“What is so unique about Esther’s mentormind is she actually has an accountability person.”

“You build really great relationships. And it’s all of a sudden, you get not just one mind, you get this collective group.”

Connect with Holly:

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Karen Laos

Karen is a keynote speaker. She is a communication expert and confidence cultivator, and she works primarily with corporate women over 40.

Karen benefited immediately from creating her value ladder within the mentormind.

She has also gotten guidance on pricing and speaking resources since joining the group.

UpLIFT has helped Karen streamline her offers and get really clear on the things she really wants to be doing like speaking.

Karen has also written a book in the last few months, and was recently featured on Donald Miller’s Podcast!

Karen’s Quotes:

“When I’ve asked questions on the Facebook group or on Voxer, you’ve been right there with an answer. And even if it has been out of your scope a little bit, you found resources to help me.”

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Eva Kubasiak

Eva is a course and content creator, and specifically, she helps people learn how to study the Bible. She is a self-proclaimed visionary with a lot of ideas!

One of the features of upLIFT that was beneficial for Eva was our strategic mapping. She was able to take all of her brilliant ideas and put them into one strategic, focused plan to better help her get where she was wanting to go in her business.

Eva has also found success through upLIFT by tripling her monthly income for her business, creating a signature course, and growing her social media following significantly.

Eva’s Quotes:

“I have a plan for every single month of 2022 as a result of upLIFT.”

“Esther, you helped me clarify my message, tame my ideas into a legitimate business, and have given me the confidence to continue to see my business grow.”

Connect with Eva:

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Laura Howe

Laura is the founder of Hope Made Strong. She started out focusing on courses and has shifted her business into a consulting model.

A way that Laura has up-leveled her business since joining upLIFT has been how she has shifted and created a consulting offer, along with developing her proprietary process.

As a result, she started landing consulting clients and seeing real shifts in her energy and her income.

Laura’s Quotes:

“I knew what that big picture I wanted my business to look like was, but I didn’t know how to put the pieces together. And that is a big part of what your support through upLIFT has been.”

“Marrying those two–the content and the online business part–with something that I feel confident in has been really a game changer for me.”

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Jenni Davis

Jenni is an agency owner working in the fields of finances and bookkeeping.

Jennie found herself overwhelmed and busy by doing the ‘doing’ of her business. She was able to Uplevel her business by taking care of herself, and creating connections with other faith-filled business women.

Jenni’s Quotes:

“Having the fellowship within the group, and coming into a group and praying is amazing. Because in the business world, we don’t get that often. And knowing that it’s a judgment free zone… and that there are experienced women in the group that are willing to help.”

“By joining upLIFT, it forces you almost to make time for yourself.”

“If there was anyone listening in, if anyone is on the fence about ‘Do I have time to do this?’ – that you should do it, you should do it for yourself, and for the connections and the fellowship that you’ll receive through it.”

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Next Steps:

If any of these conversations resonated with you, and you’re ready to take the next step in your own business to uplevel it in some way, I want to encourage you to check out my upLIFT mentormind.

Each of these women have found success within this group, and I would love to invite you in to that as well. Head to upliftmentormind.com/info to check it out! Or send me a DM on Instagram, or shoot me an email at [email protected] to chat about whether this group might be a fit for you!

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