Is there one thing you can do that will allow you to avoid distraction and accelerate your business growth? How does faith impact your decision making in business? And are Facebook Ads still a goodway to increase your visibility and grow your business, even though they’ve gotten more complicated and expensive in recent years?

In this conversation, you’ll hear from Adrienne Richardson, the owner and founder of Powerplay Media. She is the Facebook Ad Strategist running campaigns for many of the ads you see on Facebook every day. Whether you are running Facebook ads now or you plan to in the future, you will learn so much from Adrienne!

At the end of our conversation, we discuss Adrienne’s upcoming free training, Ad Camp. I’m an affiliate for this, so if you are seeing this before August 29th, 2022, be sure to sign up for the Ad Camp which is going to be totally free!

Key Points Discussed:

  • Adrienne shares about herself and her business
  • How Adrienne decided to niche down to focus on Facebook ads in her business
  • The backstory of how Adrienne started her business and her journey to success
  • One lesson Adrienne has learned in her business journey that she wishes she would have known when she started
  • How faith impacts Adrienne’s business
  • How AquaNotes help Adrienne focus during prayer
  • Why someone shouldn’t give up on Facebook ads
  • Why ads are a ​​great way to build an audience to grow your business
  • The amount of money you need to allocate each month towards paid advertising
  • Some of the common mistakes that people are making when they’re running their Facebook ads
  • The best kinds of ads to get the best results on Facebook
  • What someone should do if they’re using Facebook ads, but with no success

Quotes to Note:

“We all start at the bottom.” – Adrienne Richardson

“In order to get your business to that point, and get it to be bigger and have a bigger following and all the things, you have to be consistent in your actions.”  – Adrienne Richardson

“So many small business owners get easily distracted, and so they’re very inconsistent in the things that they’re doing. And that causes them to grow slower.”  – Adrienne Richardson

“I’m not afraid to make decisions. And I don’t second guess my decisions. Because I believe that I need to take action and God will correct my path if I make the wrong choice.” – Adrienne Richardson

“Faith plays a huge part of my business in not allowing fear to become an obstacle, and in  being open to hearing and receiving ideas and guidance from Him.” – Adrienne Richardson

“It’s very important for businesses to stay visible. If you are not visible and you’re not constantly present, people will forget about you when that problem comes up. Because they might not have the problem today or be ready to solve it today, but you need them to think of you when they are ready. ” – Adrienne Richardson

“Paid traffic will always be my first love and my baby because I feel like it allows me to accelerate the results that I want to get and the outcomes that I want to get.” – Adrienne Richardson

“Have a certain amount of money you put aside from your revenue every single month that is allocated just towards advertising.” – Adrienne Richardson

“The more specific your targeting can be with who you put your ads in front of will give you a better result from the very beginning of the whole process of add to sale.” – Adrienne Richardson

“Your data tells a story. It tells a story to you of what’s working, so you don’t go in and break something that isn’t broken. And it points to you what exactly you need to focus on to fix so that you can fix it faster and cheaper.”  – Adrienne Richardson


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Ad Camp:

August 22-29 is the annual Ad Camp Adrienne puts on. Think summer camp for adults mixed with Facebook ads. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Targeting and how to pick the right one 
  • Writing copy for ads
  • Data and what numbers you need to track
  • And MORE!

Ad Camp is a virtual, totally free event! Make sure to sign up today so you don’t miss out on all of this incredibly valuable information. 

Connect with Adrienne:

Instagram – @adrienne_richardson_

Ad Camp hosted by Adrienne

Adrienne Richardson is the owner and founder of Powerplay Media. She is the Facebook Ad Strategist running campaigns for many of the ads you see on Facebook every day.

She has spent more than 9 years and over $15 Million in ad spend mastering the Art and Science of using Facebook Ads to generate more than 450,000 leads and $75,000,000 in sales for her clients.

She has helped over 6,000 high-level business owners create marketing strategies that allow their business to exponentially grow their revenue and impact in the world.

She has worked with some of the top names like Digital Marketer, Pete Vargas, Russ Ruffino, BossBabe, Michael Hyatt, Jen Gottlieb & Chris Winfield, Shanda Sumpter, Kendall Summerhawk, Emily Williams, Selena Soo, Bethany Hamilton, ThinkMedia and many more.

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