Does it make sense to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend an in-person event when you can now participate in most of them virtually? And is there an ROI on attending something in real life, rather than staying at home and participating online?

In this episode, I’m sharing why I think in-person events are absolutely a valuable investment for your business. I’m going to give you some specific reasons why I think they are worth the money, even though you can participate in so many amazing events online.

I am a huge proponent of building connections and relationships online, but there’s still something unique and special about gathering in person. I’ll share with you a few of the specific things that you can get from an in-person event that you don’t get from attending virtually.

Real-Life Examples:

Over the past month, I’ve gotten to attend two in-person events: One leadership conference in Alabama with my husband and 2 other couples from our church, and She Speaks in North Carolina. It was amazing to get a chance to be poured into and encouraged in real life.

Second, I have a huge heart for Guatemala. I have been 5 times, and once led a mission trip there. In our preparation, we asked our students to learn all they could about what our time there would look like, but nothing can really prepare you for what it will be like to actually be there, in the country, with the people, sharing space together.

The same is true for being in person with other like-minded people in the business event setting.

5 Benefits of Attending an In-Person Event:

  1. Human Connection – You can feel seen and heard. You find your people when you attend an in-person event. You can build deeper relationships.
  2. Business Growth –  When people get to know you, they feel connected to you. They’re more likely to do business with you and send referrals to you. Also, sometimes at in-person events, opportunities and needs come up organically. They get brought up in the moment based on the context of the conversation, and you can gain traction from your business in those organic conversations.
  3. Inspiration & Vision – Often at events, you get to hear from other women who have been where you are now. They can inspire you for the future, you can gain a vision for what is possible, or how your business might look different in the future when you have accomplished a certain goal. 
  4. Refreshment for Your Soul This depends on the context of the event. If it is faith-based, you might have time to think and pray, be in God’s creation, be prayed for by others, and be encouraged through Scripture. 
  5. It’s FUN! – We get to do things that aren’t part of our normal everyday life that create an environment of fun and relaxation. We also get to share meals together which can be so fun!

I want to encourage you to make sure that you incorporate in-person events of some kind into your business budget. Whether it is one where you can drive to, or you fly to get there, make the effort to get to those in-person events to build the relationships to build your business.

2 Types of Events That Have Been Beneficial in My Business:

  1. Small to medium-sized conference – around 50-300 people where I can learn something, but also where my ideal client might show up.
  2. Intimate retreat – a small group where I can connect more deeply with like-minded women, and be encouraged and refreshed.


2022 Maine Mastermind Business Retreat:

I am hosting a retreat in my home state of Maine coming up in September of 2022. It will be held in Camden, Maine.

The goal of this retreat is to give you refreshment for your soul, fresh vision for your business, and uplifting connections with like-minded women.

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Quotes to Note:

“There’s just something about being in real life, in a new situation, in a new environment, with the people that you’ve been getting to know. It’s something different. There is no substitute for it.”

“A lot of the things that can happen at an in-person, real-life event cannot be replicated in the virtual environment.”

“There’s a level of vulnerability that happens at in-person events that doesn’t exactly take place in the virtual environment.”

“There are sometimes things that feel more comfortable when you’re sitting right next to someone than when you’re sitting behind a screen from someone.”

“In-person gives people a better understanding of what you do, and your area of expertise.”

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