When starting a coaching business, it can be challenging to find your first few clients. And it can also be difficult to figure out where to spend your time and resources to promote your coaching services.

In this episode, I’m sharing a strategy session that I did with Kylie Torstad. She recently started her life coaching business and she’s trying to figure out where to focus. She also is pursuing the goal of finding her first several clients.

We dive into what she’s doing and how she can start to narrow down and focus on the activities that will bring her results. We also discuss the difference between using social media versus having a website or email list. In addition, we brainstorm a strategy that might help her grow her FB group and generate interest in her coaching services.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Kylie’s business and life background
  • What Kylie’s business goals are and what she’s doing right now
  • The marketing activities that are working well for Kylie
  • How much time Kylie has for her business
  • Ways Kylie can bring new clients into her business
    • Getting testimonials
    • Facebook group
    • Personal network
    • Challenge
  • Choosing one social media to nurture
  • Narrowing her focus for coaching


Connect with Kylie Torstad:

Choosing Where to Focus When Starting a Coaching Business [Strategy Session with Kylie Torstad]

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