Have you ever sensed God asking you to do something in your business that didn’t make sense at the time? And how can you make sure you’re making a wise decision about investments that you make in your business?

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In this episode, you’ll hear a conversation that shines a light on a member of my community, Mary Snyder. Mary coaches Christian women speakers who are looking to move forward in their careers and create messages that make a difference. She also hosts the Take The Stage Podcast. In this conversation, you’re going to hear how Mary started her business to help speakers, including why she didn’t think she would be the one to start it, and how it began at the most inopportune time.

Mary shares how following God’s leading and trusting Him for the outcome has become a key in her life and her business. Mary also shares about the tension you must hold as a speaker, and what you have to know in order to get booked to speak. Finally, Mary shares about her hesitancy to join the upLIFT Mentormind, and the ROI she has received since joining. She talks about how being part of the faith-based program has made such a difference for her and how it’s been a different experience from other programs she’s been a part of.

Key Points Discussed:

  • About Mary and her business
  • How she started her business as a speaker coach
  • How faith plays a role in her business
  • How to balance the tension for speakers between wanting to be on stage in front of a large crowd of people versus focusing on ministering to the people right in front of you
  • The method and framework Mary uses for working with her clients and students
  • Mary recommends Andy Stanely’s book, Communicating for Change
  • The favorite part of Mary’s business
  • Why Mary decided to join the upLIFT Mentormind
  • Mary shares what she was looking for out of upLIFT and what she has gained as a result since joining
  • The benefits Mary has experienced since joining upLIFT
  • How upLIFT has been a different experience than other groups Mary has been a part of due to it being a faith-based group

Quotes to Note:

“God is not a God of happenstance; He is very strategic.” – Mary Snyder [5:15]

“God moves us forward into our purpose.” – Esther Littlefield [8:00]

“You’ve got to get out of the way and let God do what he will do.” – Mary Snyder [11:00]

“We do what we do not because we make much of ourselves. It’s because God has made much of our message.” – Mary Snyder [11:25]

“If you think that God is calling you to speak because you want to share something with the world that God’s done in your life, explore that.” – Mary Snyder [13:00]

“I want to tell every one of you who thinks they may be getting this call, you have to know your message. If you do not know your message, you cannot be booked to speak.”- Mary Snyder [13:20]

As speakers, we’re servants. It is a servant business. It is not about you. It is not about being on the stage. It’s about serving the one person God has called you to serve.” – Mary Snyder [13:45]

“upLIFT has been very, very helpful and, and cost effective.” – Mary Snyder [18:00]

“As believers, we follow good business counsel. But we also follow Jesus.” – Mary Snyder [19:00]

“[The women of upLIFT] are all women of prayer. And I know that they’ve got my back. So that’s my favorite part, they get the way I operate.” – Mary Snyder, [on why she values the upLIFT Mentormind]

10 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Mastermind: Free Resource:

If you’re considering joining a higher level program such as upLIFT, I have a free resource for you! Check out my resource: 10 questions to ask before joining a mastermind.

This resource will help you decide what type of program you’re looking for and the types of questions you should consider when you’re looking at a program.

Connect with Mary:

Mary Snyder is a speaker, speaker coach, author, event planner and tour producer with over 20 years in the Christian events industry. She has been on the stage, behind the stage and booked & coached some of the most influential speakers of our time. Tapping into her unique combination of speaker skills and event planner experience, Mary shares her knowledge and experience with speakers who are looking to start or grow their speaking career.

Mary’s weekly podcast, Take the Stage, is one of the places you’ll find her sharing insights and tips of speaking. She is also the founder of Activate Your Speaking Career – a digital course that equips a speaker to go from overwhelmed and intimidated to confident and equipped.

Find out more about Mary at www.maryrsnyder.com


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