What do you need in order to have a great launch? Is there a formula for guaranteed success? Or is it all just one big shot in the dark every time you launch?

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In this episode of the podcast, I am wrapping up my little mini-series on launching with a special episode. You’ll hear a conversation between my friend Christa Hutchins and me all about how to have your best launch ever. 

And no, we don’t believe there is a formula for guaranteed success in a launch. But it ALSO does not have to be a complete shot in the dark.

We are going to share with you 3 essentials to having your best launch ever, including one that you may have overlooked in the past.

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Over the past 6 years, we’ve launched everything from coaching to services to freebies to courses and memberships… and we’ve had some launches that completely flopped, and others that flourished.

After years of being behind the scenes of dozens of launches PLUS doing several of our own launches, we’ve learned that every successful launch must have 2 key components: a solid marketing strategy AND clear launch plan.

That’s why last summer, we created the Level Up Your Launch Method and taught it inside of a masterclass. We wanted to provide a resource that would help women get their new product, course, or program out into the world.

But over the past year, we have talked with more of our community members and worked with our clients and we realized something: when you have to go through the launch process alone, it can be really tough.

EVEN IF you implement what we created in LUYL, you might still feel lonely. Or there might be times when you just want to get feedback on your offer, your emails, or your launch plan.

And that’s why we realized that there’s one more key ingredient, aside from a strategy and a plan, that will supercharge a launch: support.

3 main types of support you might need in your launch:

  1. A guide / coach / mentor – Someone with more experience or with expertise that can help guide you through the launch process. This person often can provide you with feedback, give you direction, or help you make decisions.
  2. Accountability – Someone or something that will help you stay on track towards your goals. This can be one person (sometimes it might be your guide or coach) or a group of people… or even a system or tool.
  3. Community / friends / biz besties – Other people who are in this whole thing with you. They can be people you know or new friends you meet in a program or an online group. These are the ones who are going to be experiencing the process of launching right alongside you, so they can relate to the ups and downs of the launch experience. Christa talked about accountability vs. community in episode 70 of Just One Simple Thing Podcast

How to have your best launch ever:

You see, we’ve learned that anyone can develop a strategy and create their launch plan–especially if they use our LUYL method. And you CAN have a successful launch on your own. We’ve seen some of our own clients and students do it! BUT it’s a whole lot more fun, and it’s often more successful, when you do it with support.

That’s why be believe you need these 3 things for a fun and fruitful launch:

  1. Strategy (Ep. 46 of CWBP) – This is the element that will make sure you are launching something that lines up with your business and will appeal to your community
    • Why – you need a solid WHY behind your launch
    • Offer – you need a compelling offer that you are going to sell
    • Marketing – you need to know how you are going to market the offer 
  2. Plan (Ep. 17 of JOSP) – This is the aspect of a launch that will ensure you are going to actually be able to do the launch from start to finish
    • What – you need to know what needs to be accomplished to complete your launch
    • When – you need to know when those things need to be accomplished
    • Who – you need to know who is going to complete the tasks for the launch
  3. Support – This is the element that will supercharge your launch and make it a lot more fun, as well as more successful
    • Guide/coach
    • Accountability
    • Community


Best Launch Ever Elements - Christa Hutchins & Esther Littlefield

Next Steps:

We wanted to find a way to support you even more. We both have students and clients who are often looking for that added support to get their launch accomplished.

They are not quite ready to invest in a launch manager or hire a team to do everything for them. 

But they also don’t want to muddle through another launch on their own.

They know they need some guidance, some accountability, and some friends to get through their next launch.

And that’s why we have created Level up Your Launch LIVE – An 8-week guided experience to your best launch ever!

Level Up Your Launch LIVE:

Level Up Your Launch LIVE will help you:

  • Feel confident that your offer and marketing strategy will appeal to your community (instead of launching something that might not be what your community needs)
  • Be prepared and equipped to complete the tasks necessary to get your launch out the door (instead of randomly doing tasks that may or may not be important)
  • Actually enjoy the launch process (instead of feeling lonely and confused)

What’s Included in Level Up Your Launch?

  1. Level Up Your Launch Mini-Course with 2 experts that will equip you to create a plan and a strategy for your launch.
  2. Level Up Your Launch Planning Toolkit
  3. Level Up Your Launch Strategy Bundle

Those are all the items that we had included in our LUYL Masterclass. 

But now with LUYL LIVE, we are adding on:

  1. Live Coaching sessions with Esther and/or Christa

No more wondering if you’re on the right track with your offer, your plan, your strategy, or your timing! In LUYL Live, we’re including coaching sessions with Esther or Christa so we can answer your questions and help you get unstuck. We will provide feedback for you so you can move forward with confidence in your launch.

  1. Co-working sessions so you can be sure to get the work done for your launch

Ever feel like you just keep putting off those things you know you need to do in order to get your new product or program out the door? We’ll provide co-working times so that you can get stuff done! These will be themed around the tasks you should be completing in each phase of the launch.

  1. 8 weeks of Support & Accountability inside of our private FB group

No more launching alone! During LUYL Live, you’ll be part of a FB group with other members. This is where you can build relationships, get support, as well as have accountability to complete each week’s tasks. Plus, Christa & Esther will be there to share their thoughts and feedback in between coaching sessions.

PLUS Some fun bonuses that are going to help you grow your reach and your visibility ahead of your launch, and something that’s going to help you be very confident in the offer that you’re making to your audience.

How to Join:

We’re going to be accepting students into the program from July 18 – 22nd. So if you’re listening to this in real time, now’s the time to jump in.

You will get access to the Facebook group and the content starting July 25. And then we will officially start the eight-week period of the guided experience and coaching, starting the week of August 1.

Head here to jump in and sign up!

Quotes to Note:

  • “Every successful launch must have 2 key components: A solid marketing strategy AND clear launch plan.” – Christa Hutchins [4:00]
  • “You can launch with a great plan and bad marketing and it can flop.”- Esther Littlefield – [4:15]
  • “In addition to that great strategy, and that great plan, the thing that’s going to supercharge a launch is support.” – Christa Hutchins [6:30]
  • “Accountability in the context of your launch will help you stay on track towards your goals and actually get the launch accomplished.”- Esther Littlefield [8:15]
  • “We hope that through having a variety of scheduled times that everybody will be able to attend at least some of the coaching sessions and co-working sessions live and make it accessible for everybody.”- Christa Hutchins [19:30]
  • “No more launching alone…” – Esther Littlefield [20:00]


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