Have you ever wondered how to take something you are passionate about and turn it into a business? Do you ever struggle knowing which projects to tackle in your business or how to respond to criticism about what you are doing?

Cyndee Ownbey Headshot - Founder of Women's Ministry Toolbox

In this episode, you’ll hear from Cyndee Ownbey, Women’s Ministry Makeover founder about how she turned her calling from God supporting women’s ministry leaders into a business. Cyndee shares how in the face of a few struggles, she managed to create a course for women’s ministry using her unique process and approach.

Cyndee also shares how the upLIFT Mentormind impacted her business and allowed her to do things she may not have done on her own. In addition, she tells us how she’s been able to see connection and growth play a huge role in her success.

Key Points Discussed:

  • About Cyndee & what she does in her business 
  • How Cyndee began her business
  • How faith impacts Cyndee’s business
  • Cyndee’s process that she uses to teach the women that she serves: the Women’s Ministry Makeover
  • Her favorite part of her business
  • Cyndee’s experience in upLIFT
    • Why she joined
    • The wins that Cyndee has experienced
      • Women’s Ministry Makeover creation and implementation
      • Ripple effect of many things; a domino effect of success in other aspects of business
      • Seeing immediate returns
    • The community and support Cyndee received in upLIFT
    • Why upLIFT is worth the investment


“I try to be really prayerful about the projects that I take on and just the direction that I’m taking things.”

I try to model what I encourage my women to do, which is to make everything a matter of prayer; that God knows exactly what their women need in their particular church.

That was one of the biggest things honestly, to come out of my time with you in the upLIFT program. I did not know some of the business type things and structures. I had never been taught that. And we kind of looked at what I had in place and where some of my gaps were, and you helped me to zero in on that in a huge way.

“That is where we are most effective in our business is when we’re doing something where we’re using our gifts and strengths the way God has wired us. And then we’re also making a big impact for the people that he’s called us to serve.”- Esther Littlefield

I just felt like you accelerated things for me. And I really just cannot speak highly enough about it [upLIFT MentorMind]. It was exactly what I needed at this time. And I’m so glad that I was part of it.”

It [upLIFT] kept me going on my own. I definitely would have given up. There’s no way I would have pushed through.


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Cyndee Ownbey is a speaker, writer, and women’s ministry mentor. She is the founder of Women’s Ministry Toolbox – an online resource for women serving in women’s ministry as a team member, Bible study facilitator, or small group leader.

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