Are you a visionary who has trouble focusing on just a few things? And do you struggle to simplify and streamline your business?

simplifying and focusing lead to exponential growth - photo of Eva Kubasiak

In this episode, you’ll hear from Eva Kubasiak, author, podcaster, and course creator about how she turned her passion for Bible study into a business. Eva shares how faith plays a role in her business (beyond the obvious answer), her 4 questions that will help simplify your Bible study, and what she loves most about what she does.

Eva also shares how she has been able to launch a podcast and a signature course (even with a young baby and limited work hours). In addition, she tells us how she’s been able to become more focused and streamlined in her business, which has allowed her to see exponential growth.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • About Eva & what she does in her business 
  • How Eva began her business
  • How faith impacts Eva’s business
  • Eva’s process for simplifying Bible study using 4 questions
  • Her favorite part of her business
  • Eva’s experience in upLIFT
    • Why she joined
    • The wins that Eva has experienced
      • Podcast launch & growth
      • Launched a signature course
      • Focus and streamlining
    • The community and support Eva has received in upLIFT


“If you don’t know how to study the Bible, you are not alone.”

“I’ve really narrowed down what my values are as a business.”

“When you take these four questions and directly apply them to your Bible study routine, it completely changes the way that you’re approaching Scripture.”

“Reading the Bible and studying the Bible are different.”

“[upLIFT] has really focused my business to an extent where I am seeing massive changes over the last couple of months–I mean, exponential changes.”

“I have a plan for every single month of 2022 as a result of upLIFT.”

“upLIFT is a business group of women that deeply love God and deeply love each other, their community, their neighbors, and it shows; it is just the practicality of that love and how they show up and serve each other.”

“upLIFT the best group of Christian women on the internet.”

Connect with Eva:

Eva is passionate about breaking down barriers to Bible study so beginners can learn and love God’s Word. She helps people learn how to meet God on the pages of the Bible. As a student of the Bible for over 20 years, Eva helps women move from intimidated and confused by the Bible to confident and joyful in their approach to Scripture. She does this through her podcast Bible Study Made Simple, her course The Word in Color, and her Simple Bible Study Journal.

Connect with Me:

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