Have you ever seen opportunities online for podcast guesting, summits, or other visibility but not been sure whether you should jump on them or not? And how can you make the most of the opportunities that you do decide to pursue?

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Inside of my Facebook group, I often see people posting opportunities for others to consider. It might be that they are offering an opportunity to be a guest on a podcast or to participate in a summit. It could be a speaking opportunity or maybe a chance to join a group networking call. I also receive emails at times with opportunities like this, or I see them in other groups.

It might be tempting, especially in the beginning of your business, to jump on every single opportunity that comes your way. You figure: why not? The more visibility the better, right?

Well, not necessarily. Of course, I am always a fan of taking action and putting yourself out there. Making connections and jumping into opportunities has been one of the biggest ways I’ve grown my biz.

However, I do think there are a few keys to keep in mind when considering an opportunity.

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6 Tips for Evaluating Opportunities & Making the Most of Them

#1: When you see an opportunity, ask yourself if the opportunity aligns with your main goals right now.

If the opportunity does not align with your current focus areas, then it might be wise to pass on it. But sometimes, it might be the perfect fit for what you’re wanting to accomplish.

#2: Check out who is offering the opportunity.

Look into the podcast, summit, or whatever the opportunity it is. Does the person’s style resonate with you? Do you feel you could have a good convo on their podcast? Do their values align with yours? If not, can you still feel good about being a part of what they are doing?

#3: Consider who the audience is that you would be reaching.

Is the target audience aligned with your ideal client or customer? If not, even if this opportunity is a big one, it might not be worth it!

#4: Do you have the time and space to participate?

In some cases, summits and other opportunities require a high investment of your time and energy. Other times, it is fairly minimal. In either case, consider this before saying yes!

#5: If you do decide to pursue the opportunity, make sure you are prepared. 

What does this look like?

  • Have a few key topics you can speak on in your back pocket. This might include your own process or framework (your unique way of doing what you do). It could include specific talks around topics you can deliver easily. These should be things you can do without a ton of prep.
  • Know what the next step is that you want people to take after they hear you share. If it’s a podcast interview, often you’ll have the chance to share your freebie or something you have to offer! Generally I recommend that the next step is getting on your email list OR a discovery call. If your focus is growing your community, the email list (or potentially sending them to a FB group) is a good option. If you need clients, then a free discovery call may be a good bet.

#6: Remember that you won’t always see the results… at least not right away.

Not every opportunity is going to give you amazing results. Some will give you minimal results. Others will give you big ones.  And some will give you results many months or years down the road.

The key is being consistent and choosing the opportunities that align with your goals.

Grab my free resource: Ideal Life & Biz Guide

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