Do you ever feel frustrated by the ever-changing Facebook algorithm making it hard for you to show up in people’s feeds? Or maybe you have a business and wonder if Facebook is essential for you, or how to get your message out there.

Jennifer Allwood smiling | Growing a Community Using a Facebook Page

In this episode I’m sharing a portion of an interview with Jennifer Allwood. In this conversation, Jennifer is sharing how she got started using Facebook to grow a community and what she did to set herself apart from others on social media. She also shares the benefits of building a community and some mistakes to avoid.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • How Jennifer started out with her decorative painting business
  • How social media created bigger opportunities for her (including several episodes on Extreme Makeover Home Edition)
  • How Jennifer used a Facebook page to grow her business
  • Which kinds of businesses have the easiest time growing on Facebook
  • How adding life, family, faith and relationships into her social media boosted her engagement
  • The benefits of building a Facebook community
  • How your community helps you and your business in unexpected ways
  • Mistakes that people make when building a Facebook community, including outsourcing, inconsistency and not being authentic


  • “The more we invested in social media, the more opportunities we got.” -Jennifer Allwood
  • “I was bringing a lot more life and relationships into my Facebook than a lot of other people who were in a similar industry.” -Jennifer Allwood
  • “For me, it’s always been time well spent–cultivating community.” -Jennifer Allwood
  • “People are craving relationships.” -Jennifer Allwood
  • “I think it’s really well-received when you spend time in your DM’s.” -Jennifer Allwood
  • “I can tell when people have outsourced something.” -Jennifer Allwood
  • “The world is pretty inconsistent; consistency is a nice thing.” -Jennifer Allwood

To hear our whole interview and learn more about growing your own community, on Facebook or on other platforms be sure to check out the Cultivate Your Community course! (If doors are currently closed, be sure to jump on the waitlist.)

Connect with Jennifer Allwood:

Jennifer Allwood has found freedom in her business, her time, her finances, and most importantly, her faith, through years of releasing more and more over to God. What started as a desire to help pull her family out of financial desperation became a calling to help other women find the courage to do the same.

Jennifer stands steadfast in the idea of using her business as a way to serve God and her family. Her goal is to use the tools so readily available—social media, email, the Internet—as the way to make this happen. She knows getting unstuck, pushing through the overwhelm, and doing things in spite of fear are key in growing any business.

Today Jennifer is able to use her social media following of 500K people, her podcast, The Jennifer Allwood Show, with over 3.5 million downloads, her coaching groups with thousands of members, and her #1 best selling book, Fear is Not the Boss of You, to help other women do for their businesses what she has done in hers.

Jennifer inspires women to believe that they are enough…she motivates them and gives them permission to lean into their calling. She’s the best friend that will light a fire underneath them and cheer them on every step of the way.

Connect with Esther:

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