Have you ever struggled with how to incorporate your faith into your business? There’s often a tension here for Christian business owners: we want to be open about our faith and shine the light of Jesus into a dark world, but we also want to serve our clients and customers well without turning people off.

What’s the best way to do this, and is there one “right” way?

In this episode of the Christian Woman Business Podcast, I’m sharing my thoughts about 3 different ways you can incorporate your faith into your business.

The 3 ways you can incorporate your faith in your business are:

  • Your audience/clients/customers 
  • Your business offers (content or services)
  • You as the business owner


Your Audience or Your Clients/Customers

It’s vital as a business owner for you to determine who your ideal audience or ideal client/customer is. One factor you may want to consider in this description is whether or not you are trying to reach people of the Christian faith. 

You might decide that no, you don’t want to target a specifically Christian audience. Or, you may determine that while a shared faith is not necessary, you do want values to be aligned. Or, you may choose to focus primarily on a Christian audience.


Your Business Offers

When it come to what your business offers, it can look a couple ways:

  • The message or services of your business might be something that can help anyone
  • OR your message or services might be specifically a faith-based message

This is a very personal decision, and you need to determine what is right for you. In many cases, I believe you can be very effective in your business by offering a service or product or content without it being explicitly faith based. 

For example, someone selling website design or accounting services may not want or need to have their message include faith.

However, someone who is talking about marriage and relationships may want to include faith in their message, especially if they are talking about ways to keep a marriage strong and healthy.

incorporate your faith in your business

You as the Business Owner

No matter whether your audience is faith-based or your message is faith-based, I believe that YOU have the ability to shine your light as a believer in Christ no matter what you do or who you serve.

As the business owner or content creator, you can shine the light of Jesus in several ways:

  • Integrity in how you run your business. 
  • The way you treat your clients and customers. 
  • By not hiding your faith. 
  • The way you interact online. 

I know a lot of really amazing Christian business owners and content creators. They all handle the connection between their faith and business slightly differently. 

I have some great friends who are out there proclaiming a very faith-based message to a faith-based audience. And I have other friends who are serving their clients or audience faithfully by providing excellent content and services, but not explicitly talking about their faith all the time.

And both ends of the spectrum, I believe, are still bringing glory and honor to God. 

What’s important is that you are following God’s leading in this area and seeking him for the ways you want to go about this.


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3 ways to incorporate faith in your business