If you are a business owner, you know that creating consistent revenue streams is key to success. In this episode, I’m sharing the specific steps I’ve taken to consistently hit my income goals.

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A lot has changed since I first started my business in 2017, but one thing I’ve been able to maintain is consistently hitting my income goals. I want to share the things that I’ve done from the start, and some that I’ve added more recently, to make this happen. I hope that hearing some of my journey might give you ideas about what to implement for your own income goals, whatever they might be.

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How I Have Generated Consistent Income In My Business

This was originally posted on my blog in August 2017 as a post titled “How I Doubled My Revenue Goals in the First Three Months of Business.” I have updated it and added to it based on what I’ve done throughout my business journey.

1. I based my business on relationships.

Relationships have been key to building my business. Back when I was building my blog and my business I took every opportunity I could to build relationships in the space I was in. I joined networking groups, did coffee chats, networking calls, guest posts, and any other things I could think of to create relationships. I tried to get to know others and see how I could support and serve them.

One of the reasons this worked so well, is that I didn’t have ulterior motives. I wasn’t trying to meet people just to turn around and sell them something. I truly wanted to get to know people, and get a feel for what their struggles were. Having these connections first helped me find clients and referrals later.

“I built my business on relationships.” -Esther Littlefield

2. I became active in Facebook groups.

One way I formed relationships and just generally got myself out there was by being intentionally active in Facebook groups. I found groups that were dedicated to things I wanted to do through my business and made a point to interact. I asked questions, and offered answers. I looked for ways I could support other members and offer value.

3. I committed to continuous learning.

Continuous learning has helped me hone my skills and figure out new and better ways to do business. When I was starting out, I searched out ways to learn more about what I wanted to do, and even now I am always looking for new things to learn.

“I know everyday there is something that I can learn, something that I can do differently, something that I can change and get better at.” -Esther Littlefield

4. I made the decision to invest in myself and my business.

Before I started my current business in 2017, I often subscribed to a “DIY” spending model, trying to do everything myself and spend as little money as possible. With this business I made the decision to invest in myself in order to achieve my income goals and grow my business quickly. Investing wisely in coaching, trainings and programs helped me get where I was going faster.

“I knew that I needed that coaching and that support in order to grow.” -Esther Littlefield

5. I treated it like a real business, because it is. 

I started this business as an alternative to going back to work full time, and I knew that I had to treat it seriously if I was going to meet my goals. I set working hours, had conversations with my family to set expectations around my schedule, and held myself to it as much as possible. While I put a lot of hours into getting the business off the ground, my schedule was, and is, my own to make. Treating my business seriously helped me present myself seriously to my clients, make progress on my goals, and bring in consistent income.

6. I used my natural gifts, skills and experience to build my business.

I’ve worn a lot of different hats through job experiences in social work, direct sales and network marketing, church leadership, and lots of groups I’ve been a part of. I started to understand my natural gifting, and what I’m skilled at as well as what I most enjoy doing. I built up my business doing things that I know I’m good at.

“It’s really important to make sure you’re building a business based on your skills, not just your passions.” -Esther Littlefield

7. I offered free work in exchange for testimonials.

This one is a little controversial, but I had a coach when I started out who recommended it, and it worked well for me. I created a specific offer of work to 10 people and was able to get testimonials with headshots for my website. These first “clients” helped me to gain some credibility and were a source for further referrals down the road.

Now for the additional items I’ve added since my original post in 2017.

8. I have continually refined my offers and my business model.

As my business has grown and I’ve continued to learn more about what I”m good at, what my clients value most and where I want to put my energy, I continue to hone my offers and refine my business model. I’ve narrowed down what I love to do most, and which kinds of clients I love to work with and have developed my business accordingly. This continual refinement gets me closer and closer to my ideal life and business. [Check out episode 7 and episode 8 for more on creating your ideal business and life.]

9. I have increased my rates to reflect my skills and client base.

As I have become more skilled at what I do, I make sure what I charge continues to reflect that. I don’t buy into the “just raise your rates” philosophy–I want to be sure I’m delivering value. But it’s just as important to charge what you’re worth. Charging what my skills are worth has also helped me attract the kind of client I want to work with.

10. I chose mentors and coaches with similar values and priorities. 

I’ve made sure to have mentors and coaches who have gone before me and are able to give me support and advice. But I have chosen them carefully after making sure that their values and life priorities are similar to mine. I don’t choose only Christian mentors, but I do make sure that we share similar priorities and that the way they do business and life looks similar to what I want for myself.

11. I have served my clients to the best of my ability.

A common thread I’ve seen from the coaches I’ve worked with is that they over deliver on expectations, and I am always seeking to emulate this example. I care about my clients, and about serving them in a way that puts their needs at the forefront. I see my clients as people I want to make a difference for, not just as a paycheck.

“I have made it my goal, from day one, to do excellent work, and to show up and serve my clients and students well.” -Esther Littlefield

12. I committed my business to God.

Over the years I have consistently been reminded that this business is not mine – it’s God’s. So therefore, whatever happens with it is ultimately up to him. I have worked to the best of my ability, yes, but I have also prayed many times and asked Him to be the one who brings the results.

There are times when I have had to refocus or pivot based on what I sense the Holy Spirit guiding me to do. Sometimes this has been different than what coaches or the popular opinion might be. But I have seen that when I trust him and follow HIS leading, that is when my business flourishes even more.

All of these things I’ve mentioned have worked together to help me build a business that I love and that has consistently reached the income goals I have set. While I don’t always want to focus on money, I think it’s important to acknowledge the difference this has made for me and my family.

How this consistent income has impacted me.

Having that consistent source of income has given us:

  • Time freedom and flexibility: I’m able to set my schedule up the way I want it, take time off when I want it, and be involved in family activities.
  • Financial freedom and flexibility: Income from my business has enabled us to pay down debt, take family vacations, and bless others when God leads me to without feeling stressed.
  • Career fulfillment: I’ve been able to pivot my business as it has grown into my ideal business. This has allowed me to do things that I truly enjoy AND can earn an income with.

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Faith Focus:

2 Chronicles 30:21b-22a – “…and the Levites and the priests praised the Lord day by day, singing with all their might. And Hezekiah spoke encouragingly to all the Levites who showed good skill in the service of the Lord…”

This scripture reminded me of the importance of leaders encouraging those who are doing their work well. I want to encourage you to encourage someone this week.

Faith Focus - 2 Chronicles 30:22

Shine a Light: 

I’m shining today’s light on Tiffany Jefferson of Finish with Joy.

Tiffany is a homeschool coach and mom of 10 who can help those who are brand new and just wanting help getting started homeschooling as well as those who have been homeschooling for a while and need support to get things back on track or even just some accountability.

If you’re considering homeschooling, I highly recommend checking out what Tiffany has to offer.

You can find her at finishwithjoy.com and on IG @finishwithjoy.

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