Would you like to become easily referable? How do you stand out in an industry where many people are doing a similar thing?

Become easily referable Rachael Sanya

In this strategy session I’m helping new VA Rachael Sanya get clarity around her offers, visualize and find her ideal client, and refine processes for onboarding and gaining referrals. You’ll hear my recommendations for how Rachael can set herself apart from other VAs and become easily referable.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Reflecting on what Rachael likes to do and what she might want to do more of.
  • Creating offers using a common thread of creative services.
  • Figuring out who to work with, and why an ‘ideal client’ isn’t always apparent right away.
  • Time management, scheduling work days and maintaining boundaries with clients.
  • Rachael’s “why” and what motivates her in her work.
  • Moving from hourly wage to retainers and packages.
  • Finding leads and creating an easy pathway for them to become clients.
  • The importance of a website and how to create copy that resonates and helps create a match with clients.


  • “What can happen with clients, is they can think that you are on demand all hours of the day and night.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “It’s important for you to be really clear about your boundaries.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “I love how God…takes us on this journey and shows us the path…” -Esther Littlefield
  • “I love the idea of–as a VA–having a specialty.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “Having a website, even if it is just a landing page, increases your credibility a little bit.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “Talk less about yourself and talk more about [the client].” -Esther Littlefield
  • “It’s much easier for people to refer you and for you to get clients if you have that speciality you’re focusing on.” -Esther Littlefield

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