Have you ever struggled to figure out where to focus your efforts, especially when you are short on time?

Kristen Joy - guest on the Christian Woman Business Podcast

In this strategy session I’m joined by Kristen Joy, life coach for ministry wives, who wanted help figuring out where to put her energy and her focus in her business, particularly with regards to marketing.

As a homeschooling mom of 6 who also holds part time employment, she was feeling all over the place. We talked about a plan to move her forward and help her streamline her focus, so she can accomplish her mission of helping women learn to cultivate whole person health and serve with joy.

Deciding Where to Focus Your Marketing Energy:

  • How financial needs and goals can help define focus
  • Kristen’s current offerings, including 1:1 coaching, challenge, and a course in the works
  • Where she is stuck in her business
  • What her ideal life and business schedule would look like
  • Trying to scale too many things at the same time
  • The two pieces to consider when deciding how she should move forward
    • Financial need: does she want to replace her part-time employment? How quickly?
    • What she really wants: acknowledging her teacher’s heart and what she really wants to do.
  • My recommendations for how to streamline her marketing energy and time
    • Focus on building her email list
    • Choose one social platform to focus on, plus Pinterest
    • Consider a pricing structure that reflect a higher value for 1:1 coaching
    • Using an evergreen opt-in
    • Practice using schedule blocks to be more effective


  • “When you’re selling something… it’s a numbers game, and a certain percentage–and it’s really about 1-10% of people who see the offer–will buy.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “I have a tendency to launch things before I have fully walked through the process.” -Kristen Joy
  • “What you really need to spend more of your energy on is not necessarily making new content, but finding ways to get people to your content.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “Basically it’s like an ecosystem, and all these different pieces feed each other.” -Esther Littlefield
  • “Shifting deadlines to reflect that priority is like.. whew, I can breathe again.” -Kristen Joy

Connect with Kristen Joy:

Kristen Joy is a certified Biblical Life Coach specializing in the area of faith+mental health. She is passionate about serving the disillusioned Christian woman who, through either trauma or chronic life stressors, has found herself wondering, “Where is God?” and “Will I ever be able to move forward from here?” 

Kristen Joy knows the heartache of feeling abandoned by God and her church family and has found Christ to be faithful. As He restored her joy, He called her to use her experiences and training to serve others who are walking on a similar path. It is a joy and honor to guide other Christian women on their own healing journey. Learning to live from a place of rest, Kristen Joy enjoys connecting with God, chocolate, and any quiet place she can find in her busy household of 8. 

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