Jenifer DeCastro

Have you ever struggled with how to maintain a consistent flow of income in your service based business? There are strategies you can use to deal with cancellations and inconsistent cash flow in order to stabilize your income.

In this episode of the Christian Woman Business Podcast, I’m sharing a strategy session with life coach Jenifer DeCastro. Jenifer and I chat about her struggles with maintaining consistent income, finding a comfortable pricing structure, and what to do if her business grows too fast.

Key Points Discussed about creating consistent income and maintaining boundaries with clients:

  • What Jenifer would like help with (creating consistent income)
  • Who her ideal client is
  • How Jenifer has found clients to this point
  • Inconsistencies in income due to cancellations and intensive needs
  • Using client contracts or agreements to cut down on late cancellations
  • Creating packages to help create more stable income
  • Pricing structure and raising rates
  • Planning around how many packages to sell each month to maintain consistent income
  • Marketing methods
  • The importance of having a website
  • What to if she feels her business is starting to grow too fast
  • My preferred hosting service: Siteground


“Sometimes your target audience is more of a psychographic versus a demographic.”

“It’s okay to start low, but it’s also realistic to increase your prices over time.”

“I always recommend having a website for any business, because it’s basically the hub of what you do, it gives you more credibility, and you own it; you don’t own your Facebook page.”

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