Are you finding yourself stuck or frustrated about growing an audience online? You might need to start by getting clarity about your message and your ideal listener or reader.

In this episode of the Christian Woman Business Podcast, I’m sharing a strategy session with podcaster Janell Wood. Janell and I chat about her desire to reach her audience with a message of hope and truth. 

She shares about some of the practical and mindset challenges that many of us encounter when sharing a message online. We dive into how she can clarify her message, identify her ideal listener more clearly, and start to reach that person.

Key points discussed about finding clarity on your message and reaching your ideal audience:

  • What Janell would like help with [4:00]
  • Clarifying the message [6:00]
  • Who does she want to be listening? [9:00]
  • Finding an angle that sets her podcast apart [15:00]
  • Identifying her ideal audience [19:00]
  • Reaching her person [27:00]



“It’s going to be hard to grow your audience if you don’t feel confident in the clarity around your message. And if your audience is confused, it’s going to be hard to grow it.”

“We’re trying to be all things to all people, and we don’t really set ourselves apart from other podcasts.”

“You are simply taking the next step that God has called you to take.”

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How to reach your ideal audience as a podcaster [graphic with woman and podcast mic]