Maybe you’ve considered a podcast, but you’re still not sure if it would actually benefit you or your business. You’re wondering if it’s worth the investment of time, energy, and finances. In this episode, I want to share with you about 9 different benefits of starting a podcast from my own experience.

One of the questions I heard recently was basically? Why should I have a podcast? What’s better about podcasting than other platforms? So I’m going to share some of the benefits that I’ve found through the past 2+ years of launching my first podcast and now this podcast.

The 9 Benefits of Starting a Podcast:

1. Improved Speaking Skills

I’m a writer first, so although I have done some speaking and have grown in my public speaking skills over the years, podcasting has allowed me to grow and develop in this ability even more. While it’s different than standing in front of a large room of people, podcasting has helped me to develop in formulating ideas to share, structuring my talks, and more.

2. Increased Confidence

One of the things I talk about on my other podcast is this idea of leading with confidence. And I truly believe that once you get the right perspective about confidence, the biggest way to develop it is to practice doing things that cause you to rely and trust in God for the outcome. Rather than relying on myself, podcasting has helped me to develop confidence and trust in God – that he will do what he wants with my willingness to share a message.

3. New Opportunities

Podcasting has brought me tons of opportunities that I didn’t foresee before. One obvious one is that I’ve been able to be a guest on other podcasts. I’ve also been able to get speaking engagements – some of which I was invited to rather than pursued.

4. Business Growth

When I first started my podcast, it was a passion project. I knew going in that it was going to be an investment of time and resources, and that it might not generate any income right away. I was okay with that. But over the course of 2 years, I have been able to transition the podcast into a key marketing tool for my overall business.

My business has shifted and changed in 2 years, and now I have everything under my personal brand umbrella… and having the CWLP has helped me to generate new income streams and well as develop new products and services. 

5. Refined Message

Podcasting has helped me to refine what it is that I actually want to say. I’ve been able to develop what I want to be known for and what I feel I’m able to communicate. I’ve also developed my own frameworks and approaches to the topics I discuss.

6. Audience Growth

When I started my podcast, I knew that one of my goals would be to grow my audience, as I have a goal of writing a book. I knew that publishers look at these numbers, so I definitely had that intention in mind. Both my email List & social platforms have grown, and probably my favorite thing has been my private FB group which is now over 1600 women.

7. Connections with Industry Leaders

Another benefit has been creating connections with other amazing leaders. When you have a podcast, you can invite people in your industry onto your show. Normally you might not be able to just have a 30 or 60 minute conversation with them, but a podcast gives you the platform to do this. 

Of course, not all of them will say yes to being on your show… but you have a better chance with a podcast.

Some of the most amazing connections I’ve made have been with women that were not previously on my radar, but after talking with them on my podcast, I’ve been able to stay in touch with them and continue the relationship. 

8. Relationship Growth with my Co-host

I knew going into my podcast that I did not want to do this alone. I knew that it’s a ton of work to launch a podcast and I also knew that just me solo might not make the best show. As I shared on episode 19, I listened to podcasts for a long time before starting mine, and I knew I wanted to have a co-host. I felt that if I found someone with whom I had a good rapport, it could be a lot more fun than doing it myself. 

And so I invited my friend Holly to be my co-host. I didn’t know what she would think or say, but she said yes almost before I could finish asking her. We always have had a blast together and we also have deep conversations within our friendship, so I knew that we would work well together on the podcast. And this has been one of the most fun and unexpected benefits of the podcast.. Because a few months after we started, she moved away to Florida. And the podcast has helped us to stay in touch and deepened our friendship even across the miles. 

9. Ability to Make a Bigger Impact

I believe that the podcast has given me a chance to reach more women than I was going to just by blogging. Of course blogging can also be an incredible way to reach people, but I feel I’ve been able to connect on a deeper level through podcasting. The replies, reviews, and comments we get have been so powerful. There are times when I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it or whether what I’m doing is making a difference. 

But then I look at some of those messages and I am reminded that God is using this to make an impact… probably something bigger than I can actually understand.

Do you want to start a podcast?

If a podcast has been on your heart and mind, I want to let you know that in addition to what I’m sharing here on this podcast, I am also working on something special for you.

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