Would you like to know how to shine online? How to grow your audience or business while also staying true to your faith and values? 

In this episode, I want to introduce to you the Shine Online Framework. After looking back at the past several years of my journey, which you can hear a bit about in episode 1, I’ve condensed the key things I’ve done in order to grow both my service-based business and my personal brand into a framework.

So today, I’m going to give you an overview of this framework and why I think it will help you as well. As you listen, I want you to picture the shape of a star. On the star, there are 5 points, and there’s some empty space in the middle. 

We’ll talk about the center of the star and then work our way through the 5 points which make up the Shine Online Framework.

The Shine Online Framework

Shine Online Framework

Center: Faith
Faith is at the core of everything I do as a business owner, even when my business hasn’t been explicitly a “Christian” business.

Point 1: Strategy
It’s important to identify where you want to take your business or audience and then figure out how you want to do this.

Point 2: Marketing & Visibility
There are ways to market and promote your business without feeling icky. But first you have to believe that what you are sharing can truly benefit those you are trying to reach

Point 3: Tech & Tools
You don’t have to spend a ton of money or time learning all the tech and tools that are out there. There are ways to choose the right tools and tech you need, and I will help you do that.

Point 4: Systems
When you take time to create a system in your business, you save yourself tons of time in the long run. Invest your time into what’s most important and stop wasting time on unnecessary work.

Point 5: People & Relationships
Aside from faith, this is probably the biggest reason I’ve been able to grow my business and my audience in the ways that I have…. Because of relationships!

Building a business online is still about relationships.

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“As Christian business owners, we can shine the light of Jesus online and point people to our heavenly father. We can do good work AND bring God glory.”

“When you take time to create a system in your business, you save yourself tons of time in the long run.”

“Building a business online is still about relationships.” 

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How to Shine Online with the Shine Online Framework