What do you do when you’re investing time and energy into your blog or other content you’re creating, but you’re not seeing any income coming in? And how do you know if it’s the right time to start a podcast or if you should hold off?

In this episode, I’m sharing a strategy session that I did with my friend Angela Sackett. Angela has a passion for helping women love God, love people, and celebrate home. Right now, she does this primarily through her blog and social media.

We discuss how she might be able to use her skills and training to bring in revenue quickly so that she can cover expenses and maybe even pay herself. In addition, we talk about the one thing she’s wanted to do for a while: start a podcast. We chat about timing and creating a plan for this. Finally, Angela asks me how to deal with the tension of platform building while also monetizing and offering coaching.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Angela’s business and background
  • Current challenges
  • How Angela can bring in revenue with her certification
    • Mapping out a coaching offer
    • Ways to share that offer and get clients
    • Getting testimonials
  • Should Angela start a podcast now?
  • The tension of “platform building” while also monetizing

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Angela Sackett

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