Have you ever struggled with feeling discouraged in your business? Wondered whether what you’re doing really matters or if you’re on the right path?

If so, you’re not alone. As a Christian business owner, you’re not immune to the ups and downs of the business life. In this episode, I want to share with you a few of the strategies I use when I am feeling this way. I hope these suggestions will help you whether you are currently discouraged or if you experience this in the future.

7 Strategies for Dealing with Discouragement in Your Business

1. Acknowledge How You Feel. Instead of ignoring or stuffing, admit it. Say it out loud or write it down.

2. Pray About It. Honestly bring your business to the Lord and ask him for guidance. Practice listening to the Holy Spirit so that you can trust His leading in your life and business.

3. Reevaluate Your Why. Ask yourself why you are doing this business. Do you have clarity about your purpose and your mission? What motivates you to keep going when things are hard? If you don’t have clarity on this, it’s gonna be really tough to keep moving forward.

4. Assess Your Workload. Have you taken on too much? Are you feeling scattered or overwhelmed? What can you reduce or remove? Are you getting rest?

5. Adjust Your Schedule. Adjust your calendar to reflect your priorities and make sure you are doing the things that fill you up, not just drain you.

6. Reflect on the Positives. What are your wins? Are you tracking them and collecting the positive feedback and encouragement you’ve received? So often we allow one bad day or bad client or negative review to get us down, when there were 20 positive ones. Make a list of what’s working and how God is showing up in your business. It may surprise you!

7. Get Support. Reach out biz bestie, mentor, or coach.


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