Have you ever felt God tugging you in a different direction than you’re currently headed? Perhaps you have a big dream that feels scary compared to the path your life is currently taking. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the path you’re on, but you still feel that pull towards something bigger?

polly payne

In episode 121 of the podcast, you’ll hear a conversation with my friend Polly Payne. Polly shares all about taking that leap of faith in her career as she left a good, stable job in the tech world to pursue a huge dream and open her own paper company, Horacio Printing Company.

Polly knows first hand what it feels like to leave security for the unknown, trusting God will bring to completion what He started within her. If you’ve ever felt that tug for something wildly unknown, but felt the Holy Spirit’s hand in it, this episode is for you. You’ll hear a real-life story of someone on the other side. Polly shares some practical tips, wisdom, and insight from her transition and pivot to starting and owning her own business and the success she’s found within it.

This is a replay of episode 182 from the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast.

For the full show notes from the original conversation, head here!

In case you missed it: I am not going to be creating new content for this show for the next few months, due to my recent life changes (read about this on Instagram). For the duration of season 10, I’ve selected some of the best business focused episodes from my other show, the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, to share with you! If you find that one of these conversations impacts you, please be sure to let me know – you can email me, DM me on Instagram, or post in our Christian Woman Business Community.

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Horacio Printing Company Website

Horacio Printing Academy


Polly is the founder and CEO of Horacio Printing. Her love language includes luxurious paper and lots of white space. Originally from Fairhope, Alabama, Polly migrated to the big apple and became the Senior Sales director of an award winning Ad:Tech company. She left her career in advertising to redesign her life and pursue her God given purpose. She founded Horacio Printing which has now sold more than 40,000 Dream Planners around the world and raised more than $64,000 to fight human trafficking.

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