A lot of mindset advice in the business world may sound good and even use spiritual language, but many times it is not aligned at all with Biblical truth. So how do you determine what a true Biblical mindset looks like vs. the false teaching of the world? And why does this even matter in your business?

In episode 120 of the podcast, you’ll hear a conversation with our guest Veronica Hoddenbagh. We explore what the term ‘Biblical mindset’ means, why she’s passionate about it, and how it’s different from the spiritual-sounding affirmations and other approaches.

In addition, Veronica helps us learn how to develop a Biblical mindset and how to deal with limiting beliefs. This conversation is sure to inspire you as Veronica shares her wisdom for Christian business owners with authenticity and passion.

This is a replay of episode 154 from the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast.

For the full show notes from the original conversation, head here!

Connect With Veronica:

Veronica Hoddenbagh is a Messaging Strategist who is passionate about helping women to share their message clearly so that they can attract their ideal clients with their content. She is a passionate follower of Jesus, wife to her high school sweetheart, mom of 3 toddlers (and expecting her fourth child this summer!), and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Connect with Esther:

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