Have you ever struggled to navigate the workplace as a female in a male-dominated environment? Maybe it’s hard for you to insert yourself into roles or positions that are traditionally for men?

In episode 119 of the podcast, you’ll hear a conversation with our guest, Tammy Birklid about how she transitioned into her role as owner of a construction company. She shares about her experience as a female in the construction industry and how she views equality in the workplace.

Tammy provides many insights into equality in the workplace, how faith impacts the way you do business, and she even shares a few business lessons that translate into serving within the church. Even if you’re not working in a primarily male environment, this episode is sure to bring you practical ways you can grow in your business as a leader in your current situation.

This is a replay of episode 133 from the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast.

For the full show notes from the original conversation, head here!

In case you missed it: I am not creating new content for this show during the summer of 2023, due to my recent life changes (read about this on Instagram). For the duration of season 10, I’ve selected some of the best business focused episodes from my other show, the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, to share with you! If you find that one of these conversations impacts you, please be sure to let me know – you can email me, DM me on Instagram, or post in our Christian Woman Business Community.

Connect With Tammy:

Tammy is the Owner of a Commercial General Contracting Business in Tacoma WA.  She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband Jason.  She is the proud mother of two grown children, a son and a daughter. The Birklids attend Whitewater Church where Tammy is on the Executive Team and is an Associate Pastor. 

Tammy is passionate about women and men working together for the best possible outcome.  She believes lifting each other up and respecting each other’s unique gifts bring a whole, balanced perspective to business and ministry.

Connect with Esther:

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