What sets Christian business owners apart from the rest? Should we follow the standard business advice out there, or should we be doing things differently?

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We know as Christians we are called to live lives set apart–that look different from the rest of the world. But what does that look like practically in our businesses? It can be hard to navigate the implications of that calling, so I’m here to shed some light on the topic and give you some practical tips to guide you as you craft a business as a faith-based entrepreneur.

In episode 116 of the podcast, you’ll hear a conversation that Holly & I had as we discuss 5 ways you can set yourself apart as a faith-based business entrepreneur. This is a replay of episode 40 from the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast.

For the full show notes from the original conversation, head here!

In case you missed it: I am not going to be creating new content for this show for the next few months, due to my recent life changes (read about this on Instagram). For the duration of season 10, I’ve selected some of the best business focused episodes from my other show, the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, to share with you! If you find that one of these conversations impacts you, please be sure to let me know – you can email me, DM me on Instagram, or post in our Christian Woman Business Community.

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