Have you ever struggled to lead effectively when either growing and/or managing a large team? Is it hard for you to delegate tasks to your team, because you’d rather have control over the bulk of the material you’re responsible for?

Kate Ahl

This episode starts season 10 of the Christian Woman Business Podcast. Thank you so much for being with me up to this point! Since I recently moved and have taken a full-time job (read about this on Instagram), I am not going to be creating new content for this show for the next few months. So, for the duration of season 10, I’ve selected some of the best business focused episodes from my other show, the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, to share with you!

In episode 115 of the podcast, you’ll hear a conversation I shared with Simple Pin Media Owner and Founder Kate Ahl, who shares how she has grown her business substantially over the years while learning how to let go of control, and delegating tasks to her team. She shares tips on how to let go of that control, how to help your team members work in their strengths, and how to stay in your own lane rather than falling into the comparison trap.

For the full link to these show notes, head here!

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