Do you ever stress about how you’re presenting yourself as an online service provider? Have you felt self-conscious or nervous before hopping on a zoom call? Maybe you get uncomfortable having to be in front of the camera when it’s time for new headshots for your business.

Camille Levi

In today’s conversation, you’re going to hear from my guest Camille Levi, and we are going to be chatting all about how to show up with more confidence on camera. Camille will share her testimony, share her passion for helping women feel more confident in their work, and how she marries it all in her work with her company BA Makeup.

If you’ve ever wondered how to show up more polished or professionally online, or in front of the camera, Camille will be your point person to help you show up as the most authentic version of yourself. She is passionate about highlighting our God-given beauty, and using makeup as a tool to look good, feel good, and have more energy in order to put our voices and work out into the world.

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Camille’s career and leadership journey
  • Camille’s family and life background
  • How Camille shifted from her teaching career into a more entrepreneurial role, to eventually starting her own company
  • Camille’s passion for women’s confidence and how her company, BA Makeup, serves that purpose
  • A lesson that Camille has learned by using an agency model in order to scale her business
  • Camille’s testimony of how she had her first son, and came to know God through it
  • How Camille defines being ‘camera ready’
  • How to match what our brand portrays with how we present ourselves in front of the camera
  • Why Camille thinks it matters how we show up and how we are perceived by others
  • The shifts Camille has seen in women’s confidence once they have either learned to do their own makeup or had their makeup done by someone before showing up in front of the camera
  • How looking good is related to feeling good, but looking good can be different for everyone
  • How makeup is meant to highlight your natural God-given beauty
  • The way makeup can be a tool to enhance the energy you put out into the world
  • The importance of pouring into both our business and ourselves
  • How we show up, in the way that we show our faces and show ourselves online, needs to be congruent with the rest of the message that we’re sharing
  • A tip from Camille on how to improve your level of confidence the next time you show up in front of a camera or on a screen
  • Camille shares how her course, No Filter Necessary,  takes a lot of the guess work out beauty products, what to buy, and how to apply it
  • The next steps in Camille’s entrepreneurial journey

Quotes to Note:

“Something that I’ve learned in the process of growing a team is truly that you should hire people based on their soft skills, and who they are, and if they’re in alignment with you, versus their actual technical skills.” – Camille Levi

“We put a lot of focus on our business, our branding, and our marketing, but we are the faces of our brands, and you want to match what you’re putting out there.” – Camille Levi

“I want to debunk the beauty world and make it accessible, relatable, and achievable for everyone.” – Camille Levi

“​​It’s not about how much, [makeup you put on] it’s about how you feel good, and how you want to show up for yourself and your brand. When we pour a lot into the business side, but then we neglect ourselves, it doesn’t go together. It’s not balanced. And I think that that’s important.”- Camille Levi

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Connect with Camille:

Camille Levi is the owner of BA MAKEUP COMPANY, a professional hair and makeup team who specializes in empowering women to look and feel their best for all of life’s most important events and occasions.

Since 2013, we’ve served thousands of women by providing hair and makeup for weddings, photoshoots, family events, and beauty education. We believe all women are beautiful and we are passionate about teaching women how to be confident in their skin every single day.

Beauty doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, we make it fun and achievable for everyone.




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