The tech and tools needed to grow a business online can sometimes feel daunting. But when done right, tools can help you in so many ways.

Sometimes I get asked how I am able to manage my business, 2 podcasts, and my other responsibilities. In this episode, I’m sharing one of my secrets: it’s in the tools that I use to run my business and my life. And next week, I’ll share another secret, which is the systems that I use.

These are two more of the points of the Shine Online Framework that I discussed in Episode 2, and today I’m going to focus on why you need tools, how to choose the right tools, and what tools I use to run my business.

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1. Why tools?

  • Tools save time
  • Tools make things easier
  • Tools can do things that people can’t do


2. How to choose a tool for your online business

  • Choose your budget
  • Look at a few options for the tool you need
  • Get expert advice 
  • Give yourself a time when you will choose
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Just pick one!


3. The tools I use in my online business

For social media:

For email and sales funnels:

For customer relationships:

  • Dubsado (Use code: morningstar for 20% off)

For websites:

For managing projects and time:

For graphics creation:

What do you think? Do you have other tools that you use and recommend? Come over to my the Christian Business Owners Shining Online Page and let us know!


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