Have you ever felt stuck in your business, but you’re not sure why? Maybe you’ve tried all the business or marketing strategies and nothing is working. It could be that you need some help with your mindset or your heartset.

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In today’s conversation, you’re going to hear from my guest Heather Shriver Burns all about adjusting your mindset and heartset, and she’ll share what all of our mindset and heartset issues typically boil down to. She’s even going to give us a practical exercise to put into practice if we are feeling stuck.

I was a guest on episode 157 of Heather’s podcast, Seek First CEO, all about The Key to Effortlessly Build A Never Ending Pipeline of Clients, and you can check out that episode here!

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Heather and her business as a master neuroscience coach and a certified biblical life coach
  • How faith plays a role in Heather’s business
  • How Heather defines ‘mindset’ and why it’s important for Christian women in business
  • What Heather means by ‘heartset’ and why it’s valuable for believers
  • Getting honest about
  • Benefits of prioritizing mindset and heartset work in your business
  • How understanding neuroscience and the connection between our guts, hearts, and brains, can impact your business
  • How to identify the ‘hidden things’ in our lives and business and move past them and work in spite of them
  • Some of the things that are commonly keeping business women stuck
  • How our view of our identity shapes how we work within our businesses
  • Dealing with the scenario of self-doubt when it comes to pricing in one’s business
  • Getting to the root of the thoughts that are holding us back
  • 5-Step Practical approach for how to get ‘unstuck’: Recognize, Record, Repent, and Refute the lie, and Rewire the thought by going to the Word for Truth

Quotes to Note:

“The Lord showed me that ‘This business that I’ve given you is actually an opportunity for you to share Me with people,’ and that changed everything.” – Heather Shriver Burns

“A big thing that keeps people stuck is not having a correct view of their own identity, and their own place in God’s kingdom, and how they can walk in that.” – Esther Littlefield

“What I do is I help women pay attention to their feelings, because feelings are a direct correlation to a thought.” – Heather Shriver Burns

“Get to the root of thought… And oftentimes, that’s through your feelings. Pay attention to your feelings, and don’t shame them.” – Heather Shriver Burns

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