Have you been considering what it might look like to move from 1:1 work to more of a group program option? Maybe you’re ready to scale your business, or you want to reach more people with your expertise.

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In my last episode, I shared with you the 5 benefits of moving from 1:1 work to group offers. So if you missed that episode and blog post, go back and listen to episode 106 before you dive into this topic. It will help give you a little bit of context before I discuss all about the mistakes that you might want to avoid when launching a group program.

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In this episode, I’ll share all about the mistakes you want to avoid when creating or launching a group program.

Mistake #1: Dropping All of Your 1:1 Clients Because You Want to Move to 1:Many Offers

This might be tempting if you’re burnt out, but don’t do it!  I want to encourage you to keep your 1:1 clients and offer them access to your group program services. If one of your 1:1 clients does choose to drop off, you don’t have to feel the pressure to rush to replace them because you’ll have that added group program income. That may actually give you a bit more time freedom to focus on the program.

Mistake #2: Overcomplicating the Tech For the Group Program

I encourage my clients to keep things as simple as possible while still delivering good value and a good experience to their clients. A way to have a basic setup is to start off with a basic sales page using Paypal for payments, Zoom for meetings, Google Docs for homework, and Facebook groups for community discussions. ​​Once you’ve run your group program once or twice, then you can start to get it more sophisticated looking.

Mistake #3: Over-Stuffing the Curriculum and Trying to Teach Too Much

 This is a common mistake because we often don’t recognize our own level of expertise. Simplify and break things down as basic as possible before you try and teach your program. This helps to map out what you think you want to teach, then you can edit out anything that is not 100% essential to the result that you are trying to bring.

My Results Code Workshop walks you through how to map out what you want to teach on and will help you create a framework for your own program. Grab access to that workshop here!

Mistake #4: Having Wrong Expectations About Your Enrollment Numbers

The truth is often, in your first round of a group program, you could have very few people sign up. I actually often recommend limiting the number of people you allow into your program in your first round so that you can really drill down and focus on getting those clients results and work closely with them.

You have to remember that you’re probably not going to have 20 people jump into your first group program if you have a smaller audience to potentially show that offer to.

Mistake #5: Not Focusing Enough on Action or Implementation

The temptation is to think that if you teach your students a lot, it’s going to help them get the result. But the result comes not just from when your students learn, but from when they take action and do the activities that will bring them their desired results.

A normal part of a group program is that people will get behind, so create space for your students to catch up if and when they do get behind, and help them get to the action and implementation steps that will help them see those desired results.

Quotes to Note:

“It is a mistake to drop all of your one-on-one clients in anticipation of adding a group offer, a group program, or a course.”

“Most of the time, the problem is not that you don’t have enough to teach, it’s that you’re trying to teach too much in a given program.”

“What we need our clients and students to do in a group program is to make progress, gain momentum, and see results. And if you give them too much to do and learn, they’re going to get stuck and they’re not going to move forward.”

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