Do you feel tied down in your 1:1 client work? Do you ever feel burnt out on your work time, and wish you had more time freedom? Does your work ever feel a little monotonous?

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Maybe you’re feeling the strain of the 1:1 client work you’ve been doing for a few years. You might know that you eventually want to be doing more teaching and coaching rather than implementing.

Or your calendar is filling up with 1:1 coaching clients and you’d really like to have more time freedom.

It could be that launching a group program would be a good fit for you. It might, as we talked about last week, help you to increase your income without burning out.

But why a group coaching program? Why not something else, like a course or digital products?

In episode 106 of the Christian Woman Business Podcast, I’m sharing with you the 6 Benefits of Moving from 1:1 Work to Group Work.

Benefit #1: It Diversifies Your Income Streams

When you add in a group program into your offers, it’s going to add a time block where you’re doing that group work, but it’s not going to add a ton of other work outside of that. So if you’re wanting to shift away from 100%, 1:1 work, this is a great first step.

You don’t have to drop all of your 1:1 clients in order to add a group program. You may have to adjust your schedule of how you’re getting things done in order to manage your time well, but it can be done, and you don’t have to lose the income that you’re getting from those 1:1 clients.

Benefit #2: It Allows You To Reach More People

As a one on one service provider, or coach, or consultant, you have a cap on how many people you can work with, and get results for. When you launch a group program, you’re able to start increasing the number of people that you get to impact with your expertise, knowledge, and training that you’ve gone through.

Benefit #3: You Can Serve People at a Different Price Point

Usually, if you offer a group program, you can offer this at a little bit of a lower rate than you do your 1:1 coaching, consulting, or your done for you services. This provides people with options when it comes to working with you.

If they’re not able to invest in your 1:1 rates, then it gives them a chance to still learn from your expertise and get results without paying that higher rate that you would charge for the 1:1 services.

Benefit #4: It Provides Variety in Your Work

Instead of creating a whole different business when you get bored with your current work, what if you just added a new group program into your offers? That could give you some variety to your day to day work and present exciting new challenges that might help you feel like your work is not so monotonous.

Benefit #5: It Helps You Build a Foundation For a Future Course

This process of doing a group program live prepares you for potentially creating a course in the future because you get to work through your content week by week with people in live time to see what and where your students are getting stuck. You can then tailor a future course with insight into where those future students might get stuck and need extra support as well.

Benefit #6: It Can Leverage Your Time

For example, instead of 10 hours of 1:1 client work in a week, you can do 1 hour with 10 clients. You can even have more than one group program or more than one cohort of a group program going at the same time.  This allows you to ultimately bring in more money per hour than you can with your one on one work.

Next Steps:

If moving to a group program sounds like your next right move, but you’re not exactly sure how to get there, or maybe you already have a group offer in your business and it needs some support, I have some good news for you!

I am going to be offering something SOON that will help you create and launch a group program that will be effective, will get your clients results, and will also add an income stream into your business. Keep your ears and eyes open, because that’s going to be coming soon!

Quotes to Note:

“There is wisdom in trusting yourself, and trusting that God is leading you in the direction that He wants you to go.”

“I am learning to lean into trusting God and trusting myself in what He is leading me to do, and to making some decisions.”

“Even if you can charge more in your 1:1 client work, if you can have 5 to 10 clients all at the same time, it is leveraging your time more effectively than what you can do with 1:1.”

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