Have you ever sensed God asking you to do something in your business that did not make sense on paper? What about when you know you have natural gifts that are bringing you results, but God is leading you to do something outside of your own abilities?

woman smiling at camera- Spirit-Led Sales, Pricing, and Transformational Offers with Althea McIntyre

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In this conversation, I chat with Althea McIntyre about spirit-led sales, pricing, and transformational offers. Althea shares her journey to where she is today, including a season of struggling with doubt and unbelief as well as disobedience to God.

She shares how shifting into selling higher-ticket offers, which are transformational instead of transactional, is truly an issue of identity. She goes on to share reasons why Christian women struggle with sales and pricing, and 2 practical tips on how to begin shifting your identity and recognizing the value you bring to your clients.

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Althea and her business
  • How faith plays a role in Althea’s business
  • Woking through doubt and letting God lead in business
  • Althea’s thoughts on why Christian women struggle with sales
  • The definition of Spirit-led sales and how it differs from a secular idea of sales
  • How to invite the Holy Spirit into the sales aspect of our business
  • How the fruits of the Spirit impact the way we carry out sales tactics
  • The key differences between a Spirit-led approach to sales and what may traditionally be taught about sales
  • How to be okay with high ticket pricing
  • Practical things to do to feel comfortable with pricing your packages on the higher end

Quotes to Note:

“There’s not an area in my business where my faith is not involved. There’s not one area. It’s everything.” – Althea McIntyre

“I know often why we are in disobedience is because we don’t have our right identity. We’re not seeing ourselves clearly. We’re comparing ourselves to others. And we’re simply not doing what God told us to do.”- Althea McIntyre

“Not only does God know what’s best for us, God knows what’s best for who he’s called us to serve.” – Althea McIntyre

“One reason why many Christ-centered female entrepreneurs are struggling in their business and internally is they’re trying to do God’s will in their business the world’s way.” – Althea McIntyre

“Whatever price point you’re at, it is far less than the cost they’re experiencing right now by not solving the problem.”- Althea McIntyre

“​​Your God-given business success is guaranteed.” – Althea McIntyre

Check out the conversation we had over on her Youtube Channel!

Connect with Althea:

Althea McIntyre, CPA, MSOD, CPCC, is the founder and CEO of Althea McIntyre International and the author of the upcoming book Spirit-Led Sales: How To Sell God’s Way (™).

She helps established Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs grow profitable Spirit-led businesses and become the business leader God created them to be by trusting God, owning their value, and enrolling ideal high-ticket clients the Spirit-led way.





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