What if this year was the year that you decided to leverage your expertise? What if you could embrace the way God has gifted you and the knowledge, the experience, the training, and the investments you’ve made that have led you to where you are today? And what if you stopped holding back on how you’re building your business, and you really decided to leverage what you’ve accomplished up to this point and stepped into that expert status?

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I believe that you have the power to impact and influence culture. As Christians, I believe it’s not just our opportunity, but it’s our responsibility to do this. Instead of just going along with the things that culture is throwing at us and that the world around us accepts as normal, such as the practices and business strategies that are out there, we as Christian business women can actually create, innovate, produce things, and do things differently than the world does around us.

As I’ve been working with my clients in my upLIFT Mentormind and talking with some of the women in my community, I have realized that nearly every woman who comes to me in one of my programs is already an expert in her own field. In fact, there are times when the women in my programs are experts in more than one area. But what I’m seeing is that some of you are not leveraging your expertise.

If we break down the words leveraging and expertise, it might look like this:

Leveraging: One definition of leverage is to use something to maximum advantage. So it’s this idea of making the most out of the expertise that you have.

Expert: A person who has a special skill or knowledge in some particular field, a specialist or an authority. Some people consider an expert somebody who has at least 10,000 hours of experience in their field.

My Definition of Expert: In my version of the word expert, I am going to include your gifts, your strengths, your experience, your training, and your skills. All of this contributes to what you are able to offer your clients, your students and your community.

My vision for the next five years in my business is to help 500 Women leverage their God given gifts and expertise in businesses that allow them to make an income and expand their impact. So I want to empower women to influence culture, and have thriving businesses and business leadership that shines the light of Christ in all arenas of our culture.

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4 Key Reasons why a Christian Business Woman Might Not be Leveraging Her Expertise:

1. You haven’t fully identified your expertise. You might know that you have some level of value to offer, but you haven’t clearly identified what that is.

2. You struggle to own your expertise. You might not feel like the idea of calling yourself an expert is really valid, or you just don’t feel fully confident in claiming that yet.

3. You haven’t figured out how to package your expertise or communicate it in a way that draws other people in and makes them want to work with you.

4. You haven’t figured out the strategies that will work for you, in order to leverage your expertise and scale your business.

Why Does This Matter?

Matthew 25:14-30 shares Jesus’ Parable of the talents which teaches us that we shouldn’t hide or bury our talents, but we should pull them out, maximize them, invest in them, and use them for the glory of God.

3 Benefits to Leveraging Your Expertise:

  1. You’re able to make a bigger impact on other people around you
  2. You will be more fulfilled and have more joy in the work that you do
  3. You point others to Jesus when you use your expertise in a way that honors God


Quotes to Note:

“I want to help light the path for you as you move your business forward and leverage your expertise.”

“You need to leverage the gifts, the talents, the expertise, and the training that God has given you and make use of them so that they can benefit others and benefit the kingdom.”

“When you’re working in the gifts and talents that He has given you, and you’re building a thriving online business, and loving what you’re doing, and serving your clients, and getting out there, other people are going to see the light of Christ through you, and that is really powerful.”

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